Anderson Hall

Anderson and Centennial Hall. Photo courtesy of Jeff Watts.

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Anderson Hall is home to the largest first-year population on campus, housing over 770 residents. Several Living Learning Communities are housed in Anderson, such as University College, Leadership Academy, and Honors.

The building has a traditional residence hall design with corridor-style rooms and shared hall bathrooms on the north and south sides of the building. Each floor community has a central lounge space with a kitchen, lounge furniture, and television for students to study or socialize with their community. Each floor also has a study lounge used as a quiet study location or a common meeting space for group projects, as well as a laundry room. The building is connected to Centennial Hall and Letts Hall, also first-year halls. The Housing & Residence Life; Orientation, Transition, & Retention; and AUx offices are located on the first floor.

In-hall staff include resident assistants (RAs) and community directors (CDs). At least two of Anderson's 20 RAs live on each floor, acting as peer educators and helping residents transition to university life and connect to their community. The Anderson-Centennial community has three CDs, professional staff members who work with RAs to foster a living-learning environment to bridge the academic and residential experience. A faculty-in-residence, Scott Talan (School of Communication), works alongside residence life staff to create living-learning opportunities.

Interested in getting involved in event planning and making a difference in your community? Get in touch with the Anderson and Centennial (Andertennial) Hall Council.

Approximate Dimensions

Anderson Hall
Description Approximate Dimensions


15'8" x 9'11"

Built-in shelves

2'5.25" (W) x 1'10" (D) x Adjustable (H)


1'10" (W) x 10.5" (D) x 2'6" (H)


3'6" (W) x 2'6.25" (H) x 1'11.75" (D)

Wardrobe or built-in closet

2'8" (W) x "1'11" (D) x 5'7" (H)

Dresser or built-in drawers

2'8" (W) x 1'10" (D) x 3'.25" (H)

Bed frame

3'3.75" (W) x 2'.5" (H) x 6'7.5" (L)


Standard twin


Traditional double accommodation rendering
Traditional double accommodation photographs
Traditional triple accommodation rendering
Traditional triple accommodation photographs

Your Community

  • In addition to your RA, you're always welcome to reach out to your community director, a full-time student affairs professional.

  • Get involved in your Residence Hall Association or Hall Council.

  • Keep an eye out for the history plaque in the lobby!