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American University has been working hard over the last few months to plan and implement a safe, engaging, and community-focused residential experience. This webpage contains important information about the housing experience and housing assignments processes. Updates will be made reguarly to provide you important information as the fall semester approaches.

As part of our efforts to ensure the health of the residential community, all bedrooms on-campus will have a single resident regardless of their designed occupancy for the academic year.

In addition to the Frequently Asked Questions at the bottom of this page, please use the links below to learn more about specific housing processes and what HRL has planned:


Frequently Asked Questions


General Questions

To reduce density, minimize community spread, and enhance health and safety, guests will not be permitted in the residence halls.

We are suspending our loft rental program for 2020 so lofts will not be available. The primary function of a loft is to create more usable space in a standard double room. Rooms have adequate space since all residents will be housed in single rooms. This also minimizes interaction between resident and staff when maintenance or adjustments to lofts would be needed.

Yes. Students will still be able to participate in learning communities (University College, Community-Based Research Scholars, Fredrick Douglas Distinguished Scholars, Honors, and Athletics.


Residents interested in having a mini fridge in their room must use our preferred vendor, MyFridgeRental. For the 2020-2021 academic year residents will not be allowed to bring their own mini fridge. Fridges are delivered to rooms prior to a student’s arrival, so it is one less item to be moved in on move-in day. All mini fridges are professionally cleaned before and after each rental.


Housing & Residence Life Staffing

Each residence hall will have Resident Assistants (RAs) to welcome and support students living on campus. RAs are student leaders that focus on building community and connecting students to resources. RAs will plan programs, respond to student concerns and promote opportunities for learning and engagement.  

The Community Directors (CDs) are professional staff that oversee the overall management of each residence hall. CDs supervise RAs and provide the vision for each residential community. CDs are great resources for students and serve as mentors for students. 

Our front desks are staffed 24/7 while the university is in session by Desk Receptionists (DR). The front desk staff provide customer service for students living in each residence hall. Services include addressing student lockouts, addressing emergency incidents and answering questions about the community and residence hall.

RAs are uniquely positioned to serve as a proactive resource for residents and can help mitigate small concerns before they become large issues. RAs uphold university policies and procedures and address potential policy violations. Additionally, RAs participate in an on-duty rotation overnight and throughout weekends, providing direct support to students by phone. 


Health & Safety

Individual bathrooms are the responsibility of residents to maintain. Housekeeping staff will not be entering residents' room to clean bathrooms.  

For the safety of our communities, the number of students will be decreased across residence halls. This will also decrease the number of students using a community bathroom. Our halls also offer several individual private baths, both to the community and in-room. Shared bathrooms on floors will be cleaned regularly by the housekeeping staff. Bathrooms will be appropriately stocked. Trash will be emptied each day. Residents are instructed to practice hand washing properly. Residents should be aware that sinks could be an infection source and should therefore avoid placing toothbrushes directly on counter surfaces. Totes should be used whenever possible for personal items to limit contact with other surfaces in the bathrooms. 

Residents will be required to wear a mask when using any shared space in the residence halls. Shared kitchens and lounges will be restricted in the number of people allowed at any given time. This requirement will support the required the 6 feet (2 meters) distance from one another.

Daily deep cleaning will be instituted in all residence halls, including high-touch surfaces areas will be on an increased daily cleaning schedule. 

We are reducing the density of students within all residence halls and adding self-isolation spaces for the students living in the halls.  Students who test positive for COVID-19 will be required to temporarily re-locate to the self-isolation space. Students who have been in contact with the student (as determined by the DC Department of Health’s contact tracing team) will be instructed to self-quarantine in their own residence hall spaces for 14 days following the exposure. 

For safety reasons and to avoid exposure visits will not be permitted for the duration of self-isolation. The Housing and Residential Life team and the Student Health Center are committed to supporting students and will coordinate food delivery and daily check in by phone or videoconferencing. If a family member wishes to take their student home, they may do so if the student does not take commercial or public transportation. However, we advise that students do not return home because of potential risks of spread to other family members. We have a team of trained professionals who understand very well the student experience and the support systems needed. In addition, AU the medical doctor, who runs the Student Health Center along with medical professionals will work closely with students during the self-isolation period.   

Students will be able to order food using their meal plan. The Housing and Residence Life team will work with Dining Services to coordinate delivery. Students that need additional supplies will also be able to work with the Housing and Residence Life team. Students will be responsible for any additional expenses for supplies. 

If a student tests positive, the DC Department of Health will initiate a contact tracing protocol. Any suspected contacts (as determined by the Department of Health) will be placed under self-quarantine in their own room for 14 days following the high-risk exposure. Specific bathrooms and protocols will be established for students under self-quarantine. Please note that sharing bathrooms and common space does not automatically qualify as a high-risk exposure and will not necessarily require self-quarantine. Student exposures will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis. 

A sick student diagnosed with COVID-19 will be isolated for 10 days after the start of their symptoms and for three days following the symptom resolution. A contact for a diagnosed student will have a COVID-19 nasal swab performed approximately 5-7 days after presumed exposure in order to make sure that they are not actively infected. A contact of a diagnosed student will be placed into quarantine for 14 days following their presumed exposure.   

Due to the size of most laundry rooms, these spaces will be restricted to one user at a time. Residents will be required to wear a mask while doing their laundry and we encourage the use of Laundry Alert to check the availability of machines before leaving their room. No items should be left in the laundry room and we discourage switching someone else’s laundry. It is imperative that residents switch and retrieve their own laundry in a prompt manner. Laundry rooms will be cleaned daily by our housing keeping staff, including wiping down of laundry machine buttons, door handles, and the digital screen on the swipe reader. EagleBucks can be added online


Fall Move-In

Move-in will take place August 16-20. Residents will receive a specific date and time slot to arrive during that week. The specific date and time will be provided by July 10.

Move-in will employ multiple strategies to support health and safety of students and their family. Students will mail items ahead of time, allowing only for essential items to be brought in the specific move-in day/time. Move-in will be spread out across multiple days to reduce the density of individuals on campus. We will share information about guests on move-in day with students soon. Students’ specific move-in date and time will be communicated along with their housing assignment in July. 

Students will mail items ahead of time, allowing only for essential items to be brought in the specific move-in day/time. Information about this process is forthcoming.  

American University is currently working to plan move-in with the goal of supporting the health and safety of our community. More details about fall move-in will be shared as housing assignments are confirmed for each group (incoming & sophomore) of students. Students are encouraged to reguarly check their email for updates.