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Berkshire Apartments

Berkshire Apartments. Photo courtesy of School of Professional & Extended Studies.

American University leases apartments at the nearby Berkshire apartments to house approximately 100 juniors and seniors.

Students live in two-person studio and one-bedroom apartments. Furniture, cable, Internet access, and utilities are provided. All facilities available to Berkshire residents are available to AU-affiliated Berkshire residents, including laundry, game room, fitness center, bicycle storage, and more.

The Berkshire Community Coordinator coordinates aspects of the Berkshire for students living in AU-leased apartments and works closely with building staff.

Your Community

  • In addition to your desk staff, you're always welcome to reach out to your community coordinator.

  • Get involved in your Residence Hall Association.

  • The Frequency residents living in AU-leased apartments have access to The Frequency and main campus resources.