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Fall to Spring Room Change

Applicable Students

  • Students who currently live on campus and want to change rooms for the spring into a specific space for a roommate request.
  • Students who will have a vacancy in their room for the spring and want to confirm a roommate request for a specific student to move into their vacancy.

For room changes at the beginning of the semester, read about the open room change process.


  • The application will be available at noon on November 12, 2018 through 5 p.m. on December 2, 2018.
  • Room change request will be processed on a rolling basis with every student notified no later than December 7, 2018.
  • Students who are approved to move will not be able to move into their new space until the spring semester. Students must return to campus between January 6, 2019 and January 9, 2019 to complete their room change.

Important Details

  • All roommate requests must be mutual. If a student submits a request to change rooms, the student with a vacancy must confirm this request also using this form.
  • Students who are returning from Study Abroad, Leave of Absence, or off-campus housing will submit roommate request through their housing application.
  • Students should only submit requests for buildings and spaces based on their residential classification. Ex. Student in Anderson Hall (First Year) cannot request to move to East Campus (Sophomore).
  • A request for a specific space cannot be considered if a vacancy does not exist. Be sure the student leaving the space has submitted their Housing Termination Form through their myAU Portal for the spring.
  • Buyouts for rooms with a vacancy will not be offered for First Year communities until the conclusion of de-tripling.
  • Buyouts for all other communities will not be offered until the start of the spring semester during the January Open Room Change.
  • Fall to Spring Room Change should not be used for de-tripling. De-tripling will continue as a separate process throughout the spring semester for students that did not receive a fall offer.
  • Students should notify their roommate(s) if they are leaving the room or have requested a specific student to fill a vacancy.
  • Students should be familiar with housing costs associated with different locations on campus.
  • Failure to return to campus by January 9 to complete the room change will result in a forfeiture of the new space.
  • If a resident has a vacancy and does not have or fails to submit a mutual roommate request, Housing & Residence Life will assume there is no request and that space will be utilized for new spring housing assignments.
  • A new roommate notice will be issued by the last week of December.

To request a room change or confirm a roommate request, please submit the Fall to Spring Request Form. Be sure to carefully read all details and instructions.