Letts Hall

Letts Hall Building

Letts Hall is home to the second largest first-year population on campus, housing over 600 residents. 

About the Hall

Letts Hall has a traditional residence hall design with fully furnished double and triple rooms. Shared hall bathrooms are just on the north and south side of the building.  Each floor community has a central lounge space with a kitchen, lounge furniture, and television for students to study or socialize with their community. Each floor also has a study lounge and a laundry room.

Letts Hall also connects to Anderson Hall, a first-year building. 

Personalize Your Room

Decorative and additional items (bedding, MicroFridge) can be purchased from the HRL coordinated vendors through our Personalize Your Room webpage. Each room will include the furniture noted on this webpage.

In-Hall Support

In-hall staff include resident assistants (RAs), program associates (PAs) and community directors (CDs). Letts’ RAs live on each floor, acting as peer educators and helping residents transition to university life and connect to their community. The Letts community has two CDs, professional staff members who supervises RAs and PAs to foster a living-learning environment to bridge the academic and residential experience.

  • In room Wi-fi
  • Cable-ready TV with HDMI cord in lounge area
  • Elevators 
  • Mailrooms
  • 24-hour front desk service
  • Single-user gender neutral bathrooms 
  • Community kitchen
    • microwave 

    • stove cooktop 

    • oven  

    • sink with garage disposal  

    • dining room table and chairs

    • television 

  • Independent study spaces  
  • Laundry rooms
  • Vending machines
  • Social areas
    • The Sky Lounge
  • Single, double, and triple furnished rooms with adjustable beds
  • Windows with cellular shades  
  • Built-in closet with vanity  
  • Desk, chair, and bookshelf 
  • All carpeted floors  
  • In-room Wi-Fi and ethernet connections
  • Cable-ready outlet



The First Year Residential Experience, known as FYRE, is the umbrella community for all students that live on campus during their first-year (Anderson, Centennial, Letts & Roper Halls). Throughout the year, there are a ton of out-of-the classroom programs & opportunities for residents to learn, make connections, engage with other student support offices, and have fun.


Living Learning Communities 

Three-Year Scholars is a three-year course of study designed for highly motivated freshmen.

Your Community

  • Get involved in your Residence Hall Association or Hall Council.

  • Check out the history plaque in the front lobby!

Community Directors


Stanley Cedant


My experience as a CD has been a very rewarding one. I thoroughly enjoy being able to help student leaders and future student leaders on this campus grow as they navigate their collegiate experiences.



Dana Spencer


My job is to make sure that everyone who lives in Letts and Roper are happy, healthy, and safe. But where I really find joy in my work is helping to create a strong sense of community in our buildings and on our campus. 


Building Information

Letts front desk:(202) 885-7704