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Living Learning Communities

American University offers a number of special living environments known as Living Learning Communities (LLCs). LLCs are cohorts of students who live and explore a common interest or academic pursuit together. Some include required courses that students must take and others are organized around a theme or community interest that students wish to learn more about. Admittance to programs vary based on individual requirements.


Sophomore LLCs for the programs listed below will be available to students completing their first-year as a Three-Year Scholar. Your program director will contact you with the process to affirm you space.


Rising sophomores who have been admitted into the Honors program may opt to live in the Honors sophomore LLC in McDowell Hall. Honors students should check their AU emails or contact to receive details about participating in this LLC. 

Required Course(s): 2-course sequence in Fall 2021; PERF-296-001: Challenges in Diversity and Equity in the Arts (1.5cr.) & PERF-296-002: Changes to the Arts Landscape in the Post-COVID World (1.5cr.)

Are you active in the performing arts, whether as a creator, scholar, or practitioner? Do you find yourself turning to creative outlets for self-expression and entertainment? If so, join the ArtsAhead community, where students will gain new perspectives on the culture and landscape of today’s performing arts world, including ways to navigate and exercise influence within it.   

You will live amongst a community of other performing artists, while studying the complexities of the performing arts world through two shared courses. The semester begins with an exploration of diversity in the performing arts, informed and influenced by issues of opportunity and representation. Then, the conversation transitions to focus on how the COVID-19 pandemic has changed the performing arts landscape temporarily and permanently. In both courses, you will consider implications for AU and the DC area, engaging with historical and contemporary contexts. To further these conversations, you will have the opportunity to get acquainted with the thriving local performing arts community through visits to important area cultural landmarks and venues, productions, and a myriad of other engagement opportunities. 

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We are looking for risk-takers and adventurers, square pegs in round holes, artists to business students to athletes and everyone in between — students who are crazy enough to think they can change the world. If that sounds like you, consider joining Venturous. This distinctive living-learning experience offers you the chance to live and study with peers from across the university, while working to embrace your entrepreneurial spirit and define ideas that can create a disruptive new venture. You and your peers will participate in Management 296, Introduction to Entrepreneurship, where you will learn the principles and practices necessary to develop your ideas. In addition to your classroom experiences, you will have the opportunity to work with the AU Center for Innovation, the AU Entrepreneurship Incubator, and the AU Design and Build Lab (DaBL). You will have opportunities to attend a variety of expert programs, workshops, pitch competitions, and hackathons. Members of Venturous will also be introduced to alumni founders, venture capitalists and angel investors. At the end of the fall semester, you will participate in a Demo Day, where you will pitch your ideas to regional entrepreneurs and have the option to apply to be considered as a full-time member of the incubator. 

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Community health needs range from daily activities to medical care to global emergencies like the COVID-19 pandemic. Join a group of community-minded students in a living-learning experience dedicated to exploring how these needs intersect with the service opportunities in the DC area. The Health Activists living-learning community moves beyond the AU residential and classroom experience to think critically and engage in a health equity dialogue. You and your peers will take a deep dive into studying and identifying strategies to improve the health outcomes of DC residents in relation to where they live, work, learn, and worship.  

Beyond the classroom and into Washington, DC, students will have the opportunity meet with policymakers working with the DC Council and DC Department of Health, local non-profit leaders, and community members to learn how community-driven priorities are identified and implemented to address health equity issues.

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Community-Based Research Scholars

Are you passionate about social justice? Do you want to be part of a tight-knit community of peers committed to improving the world? For the first time, rising sophomores can apply to participate in CBRS as part of a sophomore living-learning community. More details and the required application can be found here:  

Are you passionate about our Earth's environment? Are you interested in science and technology? Do you enjoy connecting with the outdoors? Then the AU Climateers community may be the right place for you. Join this community, where you’ll connect with science-curious students committed to finding solutions to climate change. In a 1-credit course, AU STEM faculty will guide the community to a deeper understanding of the scientific basis of climate change, its impact on the natural environment and societies, and the technologies to address this crisis.   

AU’s campus is surrounded by a fascinating natural environment; this living-learning community will offer you opportunities to explore natural areas in the DC/Maryland/Virginia area to experience the impacts of climate change on the local geology and ecosystems, and connect with scientists from local government agencies, such as NASA and NOAA, who have been monitoring our climate for decades. 

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How can we meaningfully engage with other cultures? What roles can you play to bridge the spaces between continents and communities? Welcome to the Interculturalist Living-Learning Community! We invite you to join a cohort of students exploring the myriad ways culture influences who we are, what we think, and how we experience the world. Washington, DC is one of the most international cities in the world, serving as a perfect laboratory for all seeking to deepen their understanding of, and appreciation for, other cultures and themselves. Working closely with faculty and peer educators, we will go beyond the classroom, experiencing the museums, embassies and institutions of DC, while also delving deeper into the cultures, communities and neighborhoods of Washington – engaging with the city, and with each other. You and your colleagues will examine the impact of culture through classroom experimentation, cultural exploration, and community service. The Fall program includes the shared course Intercultural Communication as well as opportunities for exploration and service in DC. In Spring, the community will expand on their Fall experiences with community-developed programming and service. Build your cultural competence, connections with the DC and international communities, and form relationships for a lifetime! 

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Sophomore LLCs for the programs listed below will be available to students completing their first-year as a Three-Year Scholar. Your program director will contact you with the process to affirm you space.