Spring Closing

As the spring semester comes to an end, residents should being preparing their belongings for move-out and know when their building closes.

Preparing for Checkout

Make sure that the floor is clear of all items and swept, all surfaces wiped down, all original furniture is in the room, and that you will have removed all of your belongings. The light should be turned out and air set to low with curtains/shades open (except for the terrace level). Trash should be brought to the trash location designated on your floor.

Additional trash bags will be available at your front desk. Any items left in the room will be considered abandoned property and disposed, and you are subject to additional cleaning or property disposal fees.

The last day AU will receive packages is Monday, May 6, 2019. Packages will be distributed to residents until 12pm on May 8, 2019. After May 8, all packages will be returned to sender.

Reducing Waste

Consider donating to Project Move-out from April 27 to May 13 by placing qualifying items in collection units on designated floors of your residence hall! Partner with Housing & Residence Life, Facilities Management, and the Office of Sustainability to reduce the number of items that go into the trash. Donate unopened food, toiletries, clothing, electronics, desk supplies, small furniture items, and small kitchen appliances. These items are then donated or re-sold back to the community during a move-in sale in August.

  1. Take it. Plan to pack and take your belongings home.
  2. Store it. Store your belongings so you don't need to toss or re-purchase as much. American University partners with the UPS Store on campus for special summer rates. You'll get four free boxes, and your boxes will be placed back into your room for you. Visit AU Storage for more information.
  3. Sell it. You can sell your items to peers who want them.
  4. Donate it. You can donate clothes, shoes, and textiles by the elevator lobby area on each floor of your hall. Electronics; school supplies; small, non-AU furniture items; and kitchen supplies go in the designated social lounge on each floor.

Checkout Procedures

You have two options for checking out of housing, an express or traditional checkout.

Express Checkout

Express checkouts are available at any hour. When you move out, you will go to your front desk to fill out an express checkout form and turn in your mail keys.

Completely pack up and remove your items from your room, ensuring that your room is clean and looks the same way as it did when you moved in. Go to your front desk and complete the express checkout section on the back of your Room Inventory Form (RIF). Check your mailbox, turn in your mail key, and sign your registration card.

Your RA will check your room after you have checked out. Residents who use the express checkout process waive the right to dispute any charges or damages, since the condition of the room will be verified after a resident's departure.

Traditional Checkout

In a traditional checkout, you verify the condition of your room at the time of departure by completing your Room Inventory Form (RIF) with your resident assistant. Traditional checkouts are available 8 a.m.-8 p.m. each day between May 1-7, 2019 and 8 a.m.-10 a.m. on May 8, 2019. Plan for an hour for this process.

Completely pack up and remove your items from your room, ensuring that your room is clean and looks the same way as it did when you moved in. Go to your front desk and ask for the RA completing room inspections. You and your RA will check your room, complete your Room Inventory Form, and turn in your mail key and finalize your checkout at your front desk.

Closing Dates

  • Sunday, 4/21-Wed 4/24: Mandatory floor meetings. RAs will notify their residents.
  • Monday, 4/29: Quiet hours effective 24-hours a day through closing
  • TBA: MicroFridge and Lockbox pickups
  • Monday, 5/6: Final day mail and packages will be accepted
  • Wednesday, 5/8: Meal plans end
  • Wednesday, 5/8: Residence halls close at 12 p.m. for undergraduate students
  • Wednesday, 5/8: All mail and packages not picked up by 12pm will be returned to sender
  • Sat, 5/11-Sun, 5/12: Commencement
  • Sunday, 5/12: Move-in for summer student housing and spring to summer housing transitions
  • Monday, 5/13: Residence halls close at 12 p.m. for graduating seniors and students approved for late departure

Potential Charges

  • Room damage charges: damages to your room as determined by a staff member upon your checkout. Damages not previously noted on your Room Inventory Form will be billed to your account in late May and a copy of the damages will be sent to your AU email address. If you choose express checkout, you cannot appeal these charges. If you choose a standard checkout, you may appeal the charges at the time of your checkout and upon receiving your University bill up until mid-June.
  • Unreturned mail key charge: unreturned mail keys result in a $20 charge. We do not accept keys mailed to the University after checkout. Sending them via the mail will not absolve you of any charges.
  • Excessive cleaning and/or property disposal charge

  • Improper checkout charge


Late Departures

Residence halls close at 12 p.m. (noon) on Wednesday, May 8, 2019. Only pre-approved late departure students are eligible to remain in their assignment after the halls close. Additional requests cannot be accepted.

Summer Housing

AU students have the opportunity to live in summer student housing between May 12 and August 11. Students wishing to stay for summer housing should apply through the AU Housing Portal. Students staying over the summer will move to their summer assignments on Sunday, May 12.

Vendor Services and Pickups

MicroFridge Rentals

Exact pickup dates will be announced, but are expected to be in May before residence halls close. You will receive an email from MicroFridge on how to defrost and clean your MicroFridge before it is picked up. Leave your MicroFridge unit in your room. If you have any questions before this time, please direct them to  info@myfridgerental.com.

Lockbox Rentals

Make sure your unit is cleared of all personal belongings prior to pickup. Exact pickup dates will be announced, but are expected to be in May before residence halls close.


Leave your lofts in your room for pickup.

UPS Summer Storage

The on-campus UPS store provides storage and delivery services for students in our residence halls through  AU Storage. For those who have requested storage, you may bring your boxes to the tunnel area outside the UPS Store on designated dates communicated to you by the UPS Store. If you need assistance in moving your boxes, visit this area for help.

If you are using a company other than UPS Summer Storage, you must make your own arrangements and escort those individuals in your hall at all times. All students are expected to complete their checkout by 12 p.m. (noon) on May 8 unless approved for a late departure.