Students Answer

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On Campus

Would you rather share all your clothes or all your snacks?


Ofonime Idiong, Katarina Walther, Conor Kelley, and Charlotte Windover tell us if they're Team Clothes or Team Snacks.

On Campus

Places to study


Conor Kelley, Nathan Allen, and Ben Ramos tell us about their favorite study spots on campus.

On Campus

Messages from roommates and floormates


Moira Hamilton, Lizzie Irlbacher, and Jared Bedell send a few words to their roommates and floormates.

On Campus

Advice for roommate communication


Katarina Walther, Matthew Rumohr, Charlotte Windover, and Jose Leoncio tell us their advice for communicating and managing expectations when living with a roommate.

On Campus

Bucket lists for AU students


Rachel Bassell, Christie Ampofo, and Emily Auger share items on their DC and AU bucket lists.

On Campus

What to bring to campus


Ben Ramos, Rachel Bassell, Jose Leoncio, and Lizzie Irlbacher share what they wish they had brought to campus their first year.