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International Student & Scholar Services

Curricular Resources

AU Academic Success Network

AU offers a number of courses to assist international students with transition into the US higher education. These courses address a number of principles in academic oral and written communication as well as standards of discourse in the US classroom. These courses are designed to help ease the transition for international students, and are offered at both the graduate and undergraduate level.

  • For Undergraduates: Lit-160, "The Culture of Higher Education in the U.S." (3)
    This course explores the cultural assumptions underlying academic practices and personal interactions in university communities in the U.S. It focuses on decisions students make to define their relationships within the academic cultures in which they find themselves. Special attention is paid to how U.S. cultural norms are viewed by observes from other countries. Course topics include, but are not limited to: understanding the educational institutional context, including the role of academic integrity; examining student-faculty interactions; conducting research; and successful cultural adaptation. Modules include: (1) Culture & the US University as a Discourse Community, (2) Intercultural Communication on Campus, (3) The Principles of Argument & Authority in US Education, (4) Issues of Language and Power, and (5) Cultural Adjustment and Fatigue.
  • For Graduates in the School of International Service and the School of Public Affairs: TESL-096, "Graduate Student Academic Writing" (0)
    An introduction to strategies international students can use to successfully complete graduate-level course assignments. The focus is on structuring the types of written assignments that students encounter and emphasizing effective argumentation and sound sourcing practices. Course activities and assignments are designeed to help students complete assignments for their program courses.
  • For LLM Law Students: "English for Lawyers"
    The English for Lawyers course, International Legal Studies Program, crosses cultures and legal discourses to create a new discourse, one for LLM students. Elements of such a discourse system include ideology, socialization, politeness systems, and forms of patterns of discourse, e.g., different cultures plan and present writing to readers in different ways.
  • For LLM Law Students: "Summer Legal English Institute"
    Introduces international practitioners and incoming LLM students to legal English concepts. Through daily lectures, written assignments, in-class exercises, contract negotiations and a moot court exercise (in the 3 week course), participants whose native language is not English will practice a wide array of legal English skills ranging from legal reading and writing strategies to oral presentation of substative legal issues in American contract law. Participants in the Summer Legal English Institute will receive a Certificate of Attendance upon successful completion fo the program.