Invite International Student Interns to AU

AU Departments that wish to invite international student interns to campus should follow the steps below.

It will take time for the Exchange Visitor (EV) to apply for a visa after receiving the DS-2019. We recommended that you begin the process outlined below 3 months before your Exchange Visitor's anticipated arrival to the US. ISSS will prepare the DS-2019 form within 2 weeks of receiving all the required information from the department.

ISSS must receive all completed documents 2 months in advance of the student intern's start date in order to process the DS-2019.

DS-2019 Request

AU internship supervisor collects the following:

  • Definition of internship application requirements
  • Admission/acceptance letter
  • DS-7002 (PDF) (please note for DS-7002: use general AU address - 4400 Mass. Ave. NW)
    • Risk Management can provide the name of worker's comp policy covering J-1 exchange visitors
    • HR can provide the number of full time employees at AU, annual revenue is $25 million or more
    • ISSS will sign as Responsible Officer or Alternate Responsible Officer
    • Supervisor at AU should sign as supervisor

Admissions enters student admission information into Datatel and generates student ID number.

  • On FPER screen, log Immigration Status as "J1SI Intern for Sunapsis" and generate student ID number

The prospective intern submits the following packet to the internship advisor:

  • Completed Exchange Visitor Application Form (PDF)
  • Student Home Institution Certification (PDF)
  • Signed DS-7002 (PDF)
  • Proof of insurance (letter from insurance company)
  • Proof of English ability (TOEFL or equivalent)
  • Financial documents:
    • A minimum of $1,600/month must be available to meet the estimated minimum expenses.
    • Exchange Visitors who will not receive financial support from American University must submit current bank statements (in English or accompanied by a notarized translation) or other financial documents verifying their ability to support themselves (and dependents, if applicable) for the duration of their stay in the United States.
      Note: A research grant is only acceptable when it: 1) states the period of coverage (e.g., begin and end date or year) and 2) states that the grant is for researching in the US or at American University.
    • If the prospective intern will be accompanied by dependents, additional support will be required: $5,500/year minimum for spouse, $4,000/year for each child.

Financial documents must not be older than 3 months on the date the DS-2019 request is submitted to ISSS.

After ISSS Issues DS-2019

The department J-1 coordinator sends the following documents to the student intern (via Fed Ex, UPS, DHL, or other courier): 

    • Acceptance letter 
    • Estimated cost sheet 
    • Original Form DS-2019 (the form number is in the lower left corner) - please note that the State Department regulations prohibit sending a copy of the DS-2019 via scan or fax. 
    • Original Form DS-7002 
    • Information on the mandatory SEVIS fee and payment procedure 
    • Information sheet on applying for a non-immigrant visa 
    • A fact sheet for visa holders regarding employment 
    • A brochure about the Exchange Visitor Program

Student Intern must follow the protocol mentioned in the Pre- & Post-Arrival Guide (PDF) to apply for a J-1 visa.