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Kay Spiritual Life Center

Event Scheduling Policy

General Provisions
  • Because the Kay Center is primarily a center dedicated to the spiritual enrichment and religious life of the university, campus ministry programs have priority in the use of space.  No reservations will be accepted from other university-related offices or groups prior to four weeks before the start of each semester.  No reservations will be accepted from non-university affiliated groups or individuals before the start of each semester.
  • Private, non-university affiliated events, can only be scheduled during the non-academic school year, mid-May to mid-August.  Such non-affiliated events include, but are not limited to: weddings, bar/bat mitzvah ceremonies, conferences, concerts, performances and lectures.
  • During times when campus ministry programs are not using the space, priority will be given to other university-related offices/groups over groups not affiliated with the university.
  • The nature and purpose of any event in the Kay Center must be clearly stated in writing upon request.  The University Chaplain and/or the Assistant Director of Kay Spiritual Life Center reserves the right to review and refuse the use of space by individuals or groups whose programs are not consistent with the purpose of the Center.
  • Groups reserving the space shall be responsible for contacting the appropriate offices to arrange any general services needed for the event.
  • Groups who decide to cancel a reservation should notify the Kay Center immediately in order to allow other groups to reserve the space.
  • No alcoholic beverages may be served in Kay facilities except as part of a religious worship service.
  • For private events, a student chapel aide is assigned to assist with set up and clean up.  A flat fee of $85 included in the final cost is required from requesting party.
  • A $200 security deposit, payable to American University, is required for all reservations by groups using the space for private ceremonies.
  • The full balance must be received no later than two weeks before an event to guarantee the reservation.
  • No reservations will be accepted for dates when the university officially is closed.
Chapel (Capacity = 300)
  • All chairs, tables, and other equipment brought in must be removed within the time allotted for the reservation.
  • No food or drink is permitted in the chapel area.
  • All materials, including flowers, bulletins, flyers, programs, etc. shall be cleared from the area within the time allotted for the reservation.
  • Piano and altar tables, if used, must be returned to storage area following the event.
  • All lights are to be turned off when the event is over.
  • Damage to structure, furniture, carpet, or equipment must be reported to the office by the next working day.  Damage fees will be assigned accordingly.
  • On occasions when two different groups are using the Chapel and Lounge simultaneously for their respective programs, each of the groups is expected to be respectful of the other group.  For the group using the Chapel, please instruct your guests/participants to use the stairway nearest the restroom of their choice.

Lounge and Kitchen (Capacity = 100)

  • The carpet and floor shall be swept clean of all dirt and debris.
  • All materials, including bulletins, flyers, programs, etc. shall be cleared from the area within the time allotted for the reservation.
  • Furniture which has been rearranged shall be returned to its proper place (chairs and tables to the closets).
  • All equipment (i.e. audio-visual, Dining Services, etc.) shall be removed within the time allotted for the reservation.
  • Left-over food and garbage shall be disposed of in the bin outside the kitchen door; kitchen countertops shall be left neat and clean.

Exceptions to these provisions can be made only with approval from the University Chaplain and/or Kay Spiritual Life Center Assistant Director.  Failure to abide by these terms and conditions may result in a loss of security deposit and/or loss of the privilege for future use of the facilities in the Kay Spiritual Life Center.