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How Can Our Organization Get Involved at Kay?

There are many ways to get involved with the work of the Kay Spiritual Life Center and many things that your organization can do to support our work.

Become a Recognized Chaplaincy

Becoming a recognized chaplaincy is accomplished through a formal process of application and recognition by the Office of the University Chaplain. Recognition is not automatic and depends greatly on the demonstrated need for a particular religious community. Given the number of chaplaincies extant on the campus, it is not always easy to demonstrate need. At Kay we are happy to find a shepherd for the flock, but we are not in the business of finding a flock for the shepherd.

In any event, new chaplaincies are generally not recognized and established in the middle of an academic year. During the academic year we encourage you to work alongside one of our existing chaplaincies (see below) to develop a sense of the work being done here and what the need is. In the summer, we reevaluate our chaplaincies and consider the addition of new ones for the coming year.

Partner with an Existing Chaplaincy

The Kay Spiritual Life Center has two dozen chaplaincies and campus ministries serving the American University campus. We strongly encourage new groups seeking to help out at AU to partner with one of the many existing campus communities. We have a number of thriving ministries in the Buddhist, Jewish, Catholic, United Methodist, Mainline Protestant, Evangelical, Non-Denominational, Pentecostal, Muslim, Unitarian, and Humanist communities, among others. Each of them offers excellent opportunities for collaboration and partnership, and working with our existing groups can help you to discern whether there is an as-yet-unserved community at AU.

Partnerships can involve everything from providing dinners to on-campus communities to participating in worship services to joint service opportunities to fundraising and financial support of the individual ministry.

Offer Service and Justice Opportunities

American University students are among some of the most politically active students in the country. In addition, studies have consistently shown that the current generation finds meaning in service and working for justice. If your community or organization is involved with service and justice opportunities that would be of interest to our students, we are happy to share those opportunities as a way of helping our students to connect with communities beyond the campus.

Listing as an Off-Campus Resource

When our students move off-campus or after they graduate, many of them are looking for a worship home in the communities in which they now live. We are always happy to help them to identify communities nearby that are inclusive of young adults in the lives of their congregations.

Kay Chaplains meet with President Sylvia Matthews Burwell
There are two dozen religious communities resident in Kay. Get to know the diverse ministries serving our campus.

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Interfaith Ambassadors

Students, looking for a new way to get involved in interfaith community? Consider serving as an Interfaith Ambassador for your community. 

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