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Table Talk Lunch Series

The Kay Spiritual Life Center strives to provide forums for students to explore contemporary issues of ethical concern. Our signature lunch-time lecture series, Table Talks brings together the University and wider D.C. communities several times each semester to reflect upon the pressing issues of the twenty-first century.

Listen to our Table Talk Podcasts on iTunesU

Missed a Table Talk? Download a free podcast version on Kay's iTunesU page. You'll also find podcasts from our signature Human Rights Defender series and the annual Poynter lecture.

Here are this semester's Table Talks:

  • Wednesday, January 28: "A Study in Black and White: Race, Privilege, and Class in the District of Columbia"
  • Wednesday, February 28: "Torture Report: Truth and Consequences"
  • Wednesday, March 25: "Fashion, Factories, and Labor Rights: Who Wins?"


Here is a sampling recent Table Talks currently available on iTunes:
  • Citizen Security: What's Behind the Violence in Central America?
  • Summer of Global Protest: What is Fueling Popular Uprisings?
  • Coup or Not a Coup? Hopes for Egyptian Democracy
  • The Drug War: More Harm than Good?
  • Corporate Social Responsibility & Codes of Conduct: How are They Working?
  • The Arab Spring: One Year Later
  • Haiti: Women's Empowerment and Reconstruction
  • Power Play Against the Poor: Where is the Budget Battle Leading America?
  • The Burqa and the Beret: Immigration and the EU
  • India Rising: How Far? How Fast?
  • 2011 Elections in Latin America: Impact on Democracy and Human Rights
  • Political Upheaval in the Middle East & North Africa: The Role of Social Media
  • Conflict Free Purchasing: The Ethics of Your Electronic Device
  • Attack on the Deficit & Debt: Who Wins? Who Loses?
  • GLBTA Rights as Human Rights in Africa
  • Are Banks Too Big To Fail?
  • Gitmo Detainees: Military Commissions vs. Civilian Courts
  • Obama and Rouhani: The Risks and Opportunities of Negotiating with Iran
  • Edward Snowden: Traitor or Patriot?