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Recognition as a University Approved Chaplaincy

Recognition is the formal process by which AU permits chaplaincies to avail themselves of certain university privileges, including, but not limited to, the use of university facilities and resources, and to enroll members from the student body through recruitment/intake activities, and for chaplaincy representatives to use the title "chaplain" on campus. It applies to all chaplaincies recognized under the Kay Spiritual Life Center.

Churches, agencies, or organizations wishing to do religious ministry at AU must apply for status as a recognized chaplaincy to the University Chaplain. Recognition is not automatic. Decisions about recognition will be made by the University Chaplain in consultation with the office of the Vice President of Campus Life and the extant campus ministry staff.

AU recognizes official chaplaincies rather than chaplains as individuals. In order to be recognized as an official chaplaincy, Chaplaincies will need to provide:

  • A formal request, in writing, by a responsible ecclesiastical body or by the organization, together with the names and addresses of the persons or the body to whom the chaplaincy staff-designate will report;
  • A statement of the philosophy which governs the approach of that body to ministry (preferably an officially adopted statement);
  • Information showing a formal relationship between the chaplaincy staff-designate and the parent body;
  • An active roster of five or more students of the religious faith tradition enrolled at AU; and
  • Brief annual reports summarizing activities that served the needs of students and other AU community members

Application begins with the submission of the form below and the provision of the relevant information. After your application has been submitted, you will be contacted by Kay Spiritual Life Center staff with next steps.

Please note: New chaplaincies are generally not recognized and established in the middle of an academic year. During the academic year we encourage you to work alongside one of our existing chaplaincies to develop a sense of the work being done here and what the need is. In the summer, we reevaluate our chaplaincies and consider the addition of new ones for the coming year.