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Living on Campus

Your Space

Setting up your room: You’ll have your room to yourself this spring, but you’ll notice it’s set up as a double. While all furniture must stay in the room, you can rearrange it as you like, including pushing beds together. You can also rent a fridge (if you haven't yet.)

Room visitors: Only one (1) other person may visit your room at a time. Your guest must also be an AU student living currently in AU-operated housing.

Maintenance issues: If a light burns out, the heat is cranky, or you have other maintenance needs, make a 2Fix Request. You’ll be contacted by the technician to set up an appointment. During the appointment, you’ll step out of the room while work is being done, in accordance with health and safety protocols.

Community Spaces at Residence Halls

Common lounges and gathering spaces: Halls have community spaces marked with maximum capacity signs. Capacity is no more than five people for common lounges in the residence halls. Face coverings and physical distancing are mandatory.

Hall visitors: Only students living in an AU-operated building can be guests in the residence halls. Residential students can visit other residence hall (as long as maximum capacity isn't exceeded).

Support at Your Residence Hall

Questions? Here’s who’s on your support team. They’re available to help!

Resident Assistants (RAs): These are student leaders assigned to a community to support and advise residents.

Front Desk staff: Available 24/7, they’re student staff trained to know the answers!

Professional staff: Community Directors (CDs) supervise RAs, and Assistant Directors (ADs) supervise CDs. Professional staff are also on call for crisis response in addition to helping to provide a great residential experience for students. 

Residence Hall Association (RHA): This is the student group for residence halls – elected and run by and for on-campus residents. It’s also a great way to get involved!

Bathrooms & Cleaning Protocols

Wear your masks unless you’re in the shower and maintain physical distancing.

Housekeeping staff will clean and sanitize frequently throughout the shared areas of the residence hall, including common bathrooms and kitchens, laundry facilities, lounges, corridors, elevators, and surfaces. Like all members of the AU community with an on-campus presence, housekeeping staff are screened weekly for COVID-19 and practice mandatory health and safety protocols.


Laundry rooms: Every floor has a laundry room. Pay with Eaglebucks (through your OneCard).

Tip: Use the online platform Laundry Alert to find out when machines are available.

Health and Safety requirements: Only one person can be physically in the laundry room at a time (though multiple machines can be going). Face coverings and distancing are required.

Stores: On-Campus & Nearby

On campus:

  • The Campus Store (Butler Pavilion, 3rd floor, above the Bridge): open two days a week, Monday and Friday, 10 a.m.-2 p.m. (Capacity: 12 customers in store at a time)
  • East Campus Store, East Campus, 11 a.m.-8 p.m., 7 days a week.

Off campus, close by: 

  • Walgreens – at Foxhall Square (just past East Campus, a few minutes’ walk)
  • Tenleytown shops (including Target, CVS, Wawa and Whole Foods) – take the AU shuttle to the Tenleytown Metro (a few minutes by Shuttle, or a 15-minute walk east on Nebraska Ave.)
  • Spring Valley shops (including CVS, Wagshal’s Market) – (shuttle? or a 10-minute walk north on Massachusetts Ave.)

Getting Around

For the AU Shuttle, please check the schedule (and download the app) on the shuttle page. The "blue route" runs between main campus and the Tenleytown Metro station (on the DC Metro red line).

Mail & Packages

You’ll get letters in your mailbox, but packages cannot be delivered directly to residence halls. If you order something online, you will need to pick it up from Mail Services. (Tip: Don’t order a lot of heavy items!)

Letters – to your mailbox: Letters mailed through US Postal Service (USPS) will go directly to your residence hall mailbox after Monday, March 8.

Packages – to New Mexico Building: You will be notified by email when a package arrives. For at least the first month, due to on-campus construction, you will need to pick up packages from Mail Services. Here are the details:

  • Where: 3201 New Mexico Ave., Room B2. That’s a half-mile walk from the residence hall (about 10 minutes), just past East Campus. Room B2 is on the first floor, past the elevator. (Look for signs to Mail Services.)
  • Package restrictions:  Package are accepted, with the following restrictions:
    • No boxes over 50 pounds
    • No boxes larger than 36“ L x 24“ H x 24” W
    • No bikes
    • No furniture
    • No flat-screen TVs over 36“ x 36“
  • How to address: To address packages, use your full name, residence hall and room number, followed by American University – Mailroom, 3201 New Mexico Ave., NW, Washington, DC 20016 


Need a new AU ID card? The OneCard office is open by appointment only for in-person service on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday from 9:30 am – 3 pm.

You must book your appointment online. You can also reach out through Just Ask (ServiceNow) and the OneCard office will respond within one business day.

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AU Dining

AU Dining’s Terrace Dining Room (TDR) provides meals to go, for pickup. Ordering ahead by app (Transact Mobile Ordering) is recommended.

  • Where: Check the location provided to you at Move-In
  • Hours (starting March 7): Breakfast (8-10:30 a.m.), Lunch (11 a.m.-2 p.m.), Dinner (4 p.m.-7 p.m.)
  • What you need for pickup: Your OneCard

On-Campus - More Carryout

  • At Mary Graydon Center (MGC): Wonk Burger/Absurd Bird, for casual meals (burgers, fries, chicken tenders, etc.) Hours: 11 a.m.-7 p.m., 7 days a week.
  • Campus cafes:
    • Davenport Lounge, first floor of SIS Building (with outdoor tables on the quad). Hours: 8 a.m.-5 p.m., Monday-Friday
    • The Bridge, second floor of Butler Pavilion (just below the AU Campus Store).  Hours: 9 a.m.-5 p.m., Monday-Friday
  • On East Campus: BUILD pizza, at the East Campus convenience store. Hours: 11 a.m.-8 p.m., 7 days a week.

How to get and set up the app: 

  • Download Transact Mobile Ordering from your phone’s app store.
  • Select American University (on the list of schools that appears as soon as you open the app) and log in with your AU credentials. Now you're set up.

Off-campus – EagleBucks partners

EagleBucks are accepted by GrubHub and at many local restaurants and retail establishments. There’s a full list online. Among the choices: many kinds of pizza, Panera, Chipotle, Dunkin’ Donuts, restaurants such as Chef Geoff’s (walking distance from campus) and Guapo’s (in Tenleytown), and much more. Also on the list are grocers such as Whole Foods, Wawa and Wagshalls as well as CVS.

Meal Swipes & Exchanges vs. Eaglebucks

Your meal plan provides around 12 meals a week, through “meal swipes” (at TDR) and “meal exchanges” (at several other on-campus locations). You also have $400 of EagleBucks as part of your meal plan, which can be used off-campus around DC, and even for GrubHub. Here are the details:

  • Meal swipe: When you pick up a meal from TDR, you use a “meal swipe.” (Tip: Use up your meal swipes; they don’t roll over from semester to semester. Eaglebucks do roll over.)
  • Meal exchange: That’s like a meal swipe, but outside of TDR. You can do a meal exchange at an on-campus location for an entrée, side and drink. It counts just like using a meal swipe, but isn’t at TDR. (Tip: You don’t have to use a meal exchange when going to an on-campus location; if you’re just grabbing a drink or some fries, don’t use a meal exchange! Use it for a full meal.)
  • Eaglebucks: These are like a debit account on your OneCard. Eaglebucks are accepted at all on-campus dining locations as well as partner vendors (including CVS, long-distance buses, and more), vending machines, laundry machines, and GrubHub. Reload any time at They roll over from semester to semester.

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  • Class modality: Not impacted by MSRE. Classes that are online remain online.
  • Advising: Academic advising remains virtual. 

Academic Support - Writing, Tutoring, etc.

All services are virtual.

Tutoring services: For the Writing Center, Quantitative Support, and one-to-one Tutoring Lab for specific classes, use this link to book appointments.

Academic coachingUse this link to book Academic Coaching appointments. (Academic Coaching helps students improve their learning strategies; to find out more, check out the Academic Coaching page.)


Physical access is by appointment. All other services (printing, research assistance, etc.) must be done remotely.

Study space: The first floor and lower level of the University Library is open by appointment only, for one-to-three hour reserved times. Social distancing requirements means that only 103 students can be present in the library at any given time. Students must swipe their OneCard (AU IDs) to enter.

Printing: Send your print jobs in advance to All printing and scanning must be done remotely.

Borrowing: Borrowing is through “curbside” pickup. (This applies to all material, including books, media, and technology.) Find details on the Library Services page.

Research assistance: Librarians are available 24/7. Use the Ask-a-Librarian chat feature.

Course reserve readings: These are available electronically. All research services are online.

Study & In-Person Spaces Around Campus

In addition to the Library (and outdoor spaces), there are a number of spaces to study, individually and in groups, or to meet for appropriate in-person events:

No reservations:

  • Don Myers Technology & Innovation Building: open with ID (OneCard) from 8 am — 11 pm, seven days a week. 
  • Mary Graydon Center, first floor: open with ID (OneCard) from 8 am—11 pm, seven days a week.

By reservation:

  • Study/In-Person Event Rooms, Mary Graydon Center (MGC) and Don Myers Technology and Innovation (DMTI) Building: There are 19 study/in-person event rooms available to groups of up to three students, for up to four hours, between 8 a.m. and 8 p.m., any day of the week. To reserve, log in to the In-Person Activity Request request form and follow the instructions.

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Orientation Events - Virtual

Zoom Sessions to help orient you to campus, the Tenleytown neighborhood and Washington, DC will be held and recorded for MSRE students. Join or view later on Orientation's YouTube channel!

Meet-ups & In-Person Activities

Events - Advanced registration will be required and students need to meet all COVID safety testing guidelines to participate  

  • Guided Campus Tours with AU Ambassadors – March 22-March 26. To RSVP for a spot, log onto EngageThis event is only for MSRE students. Tour times are as follows:
    • Tuesday 3/23, Wednesday 3/24 and Friday 3/26: 1 p.m. and 4:30 p.m.
    • Monday 3/22 and Thursday 3/25: 11:30 a.m. and 1 p.m.
  • AU-mazing Race - March 22-25, with over $1000 in prizes!
    • Teams of 2-3 by residence hall floors will work together to acquire clues and solve riddles that will get them to their destination to complete a challenge.
    • There will be daily challenge winners as well as a grand prize drawing.  
    • Be sure to check Engage for:
      • daily clues
      • register your team on Engage
      • link to the closing ceremony (3 p.m. on Friday, March 26)

Clubs & Organizations

Initially, at least, all events will remain virtual. Check the Engage calendar for upcoming events and how to connect with clubs.

Community Service 

Interested in service opportunities within the DC community? Connect with the Center for Community Engagement and Service (CCES) to learn what's available and watch for in-person opportunities to explore and learn about DC!

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Health Center, Counseling & Advocacy

Student Health Center

Location: McCabe Hall, behind Letts Hall. Please do not come without an appointment.

Schedule appointment:

  • Online through the Student Health Portal (for all except psychiatric and virtual/telehealth appointments), or
  • Call 202-885-3380, press #1, then #2. (All services, including same-day in-person appointments, telehealth, psychiatric, and future appointments.)

Emergency: Call 202-885-3636 (Public Safety). 

Telehealth (virtual appointments):

  • Required for psychiatric appointments.
  • Available for cold symptoms, cough, sore throat, diarhhea, fever, and emergency contraception.

After hours: Call 833-381-8545, 24/7. (Nurse advice line)


All services are virtual, but as a person physically present in the District of Columbia, you can work directly with counselors at the AU Counseling Center for consultations, urgent care, individual and group therapy. 

  • Virtual Urgent Care Drop-in Hours: Call 202-885-3500, 2-4 p.m., Monday-Friday.
  • Virtual individual or group therapy: Call 202-885-3500 during office hours to schedule an initial virtual consultation. Find out what to expect here.
  • Crisis intervention: Call 202-885-7979, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This is available to any AU student, wherever you are located (even if you're not in DC, Maryland or Virginia).

Health Promotion & Wellness

The Health Promotion and Advocacy Center (HPAC) continues to provide individualized services virtually, including victim advocacy and support through HPAC’s OASIS program and wellness consultations for substance use and recovery, sexual health, self-care, and more.

Please book online using this link

Fitness & Recreation

Here's what will be available during Spring — including the running track, tennis courts, in-person intramurals, sports on the quad, in-person and virtual exercise groups, and the fitness center!

Fitness Center

The Cassell Fitness Center (first floor, Cassell Hall) is open by reservation. See hours and how to make reservations on the RecFit page.

Track and Outdoor Courts

These will open, starting April 5, during specific daily hours. Check the track and court schedule for open times! 

Intramurals and Recreational Sports

To participate in any of the in-person and virtual classes, programs and intramural and club sports, register your free IMLeagues account using your AU email to participate. (You can also download the IMLeagues app.) Here's what's available and the links to find schedules and reservation options:

  • Intramurals: Tennis and volleyball tournaments are coming! Register through April 15 (through your IMLeagues account)
  • In-person group exercise classes: indoor and outdoor, in-person and virtual. Check the group exercise schedule (and register via IMLeagues).
  • E-sports: Compete against schools in the DMV! (This registration is also on your IMLeagues account).

Information is continuously updated and posted on the RecFit page.

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COVID-19: Testing & Self-Report

COVID Testing (Twice Weekly)

All students living on-campus must test twice weekly. 

  • For hours, location and instruction: See Testing Schedule webpage
  • If you have symptoms: Schedule an appointment with Student Health Center (online through the Student Health Portal or by calling 202-885-3380, press #1, then #2)

Daily Self-Screening

Fill out daily on the AU portal.

Travel & Testing After Travel

We encourage students to remain in the DC, Maryland, and Virginia (DMV) area while participating in MSRE. 

Extenuating circumstances that could require travel: Traveling outside of the DMV area should be reserved for extenuating circumstances. Examples include family emergency (illness or death), personal illness, or scheduled surgery. 

Requirements after travel: Any student who returns to campus after traveling to a place other than MD, VA, and DC must do the following:

  • limit daily activities (modified quarantine) for three (3) days after returning;
  • test for COVID-19 on day four (4);
  • limit activities until your results come and you receive a negative COVID-19 PCR test. 




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Other Key Contacts

AU Central

Services remain virtual. AU Central is the hub for key services -including Student Accounts (bills, refunds, etc.), the Registrar (registration, transcripts, forms, catalogs), and Veterans Educational Benefits

Reach AU Central staff by live chat (, phone (202 885-8000), or email (

AUPD and Campus Safety

Stay safe and know what to do in emergencies! Here are the basics for reaching AUPD (University Police):

  • Numbers to know:
    • Emergency on campus: AUPD at 202-885-3636 (or use your Rave Guardian App or a blue light phone)
    • 202-885-2527
  • Blue light emergency phones: You can call AUPD (University Police) directly from these phones, which you'll find all around campus and in garages.
  • Rave Guardian app: Download it free from your app store! It connects you with police and has a GPS locator and other safety features. Use it if you have an emergency on campus. 
  • Make sure you get alerts: sign up for emergency alerts
  • Need a safety escort?  AUPD provides safety escorts. Call 202-885-2527
  • Need a Safe Ride back to campus? Same number as above - call 202-885-2527

Additional Support Services

Dean of Students: Call(202) 885-3300, email oruse the “book now” button on the website banner to make a virtual appointment with a case manager. 

Food insecurity (the Market, AU's food pantry): See the Market's page for hours and to request access.

International Students: Support remains virtual. You can book time with your advisor online.

Support for Sex or Gender-Based Harrassment or Bias Incidents:

  • Reports on sex- or gender-based harassment, sexual violence and other forms of discriminatory harassment or bias incidents are made through the Office of Equity and Title IX.
  • Confidential victim advocacy services can be accessed through victim advocates in HPAC's OASIS program. Online appointments are made through their You Can Book Me page.

Technology Access & Troubleshooting

If you can’t afford or otherwise can’t access the technology you need for remote classes, email the Tech Task Force at

For technical support and troubleshooting with AU-managed technology or tools, there are three ways to reach support:

  • Call the Help Desk, 202-885-2550 or
  • Email, or
  • Use the tracked service system,

The Learning Support Services site has direct links to pages with specific, detailed support information on academic topics and tech, including:

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Virtual campus guide

A Student's Guide to This Year at AU

Here are quick, direct links to key services and support for all AU students this academic year.

Check the Guide