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New Student Orientation

Orientation & General FAQs

Below you will find some of our most frequently asked questions regarding summer orientation programs for new students to AU. If you cannot find an answer to your question, please contact our office. Please do not hesitate to contact the Office of Orientation via our phone (202-885-3303) or by email (


Eagle Summit Overview

Q. Why should I attend Eagle Summit? 

A. Attending Eagle Summit in June, July or August is advantageous for students. We had 89% of our incoming students attend last year. So I would encourage students to attend if they are able. 

Q. What do we do during Eagle Summit? 

A. We really focus our time at Eagle Summit in small groups led by Orientation Leaders, in sessions, and connecting attendees to all the campus resources. 

Q. Do parents attend Eagle Summit with their students?

A. We invite and encourage parents and family members to attend Eagle Summit. About 50% of our incoming students do register a guest. There is parent and family track of Eagle Summit that does overlap with the student schedule throughout the 2 days. 


Registering for Eagle Summit 

Q: I just paid my deposit and went to register for Eagle summit and it says “Unmatched Imported Student Registration Attempt.” 

A: It takes 48-72 hours after you deposit to get invited to register for Eagle Summit, you will see an error message in the time between. Once you are in our system you will receive an email to your AU account inviting you to register.

Q. I paid my deposit a while ago and still haven’t received my Eagle Summit invitation.  

A. It could be that you have not yet claimed your AU email address. Although most students need to claim an email account in order to deposit, because the deposit happens in the portal, students who had a deposit waived would not necessarily have had to enter the portal yet. Please create an account through the myAU portal login page, you should them be imported in our system in 24-48 hours. 

Q. I don’t want to register for Eagle Summit using the portal. Is there another way I can register?  

A. It's very important that all new students activate their portal account and use it to register for the Summit and Welcome Weeks programs. You will receive official information from AU at your AU e-mail address, and you'll use the portal to view your student accounts, pay tuition, add money to your EagleBuck$ account, and in the future, even register for classes. The only way to get used to using the portal is to use it! If you're having trouble activating your account or logging on to the portal, call the AU Help Desk at 202-885-2550. The Help Desk can also assist you if you've forgotten your password. If you don't have access to the Internet, please contact our office and we'll be happy assist you over the phone. 

Q: How do I register parents/guests for Eagle Summit? 

A: Students can go back into their reservation and add parents/guests to their Eagle Summit reservation. 

Q. If I can’t attend Eagle Summit in June or July what will I miss? Should I attend in August? 

A. You will register for your classes in late May and early June with the rest of the incoming students. The Office of Undergraduate Studies will send information out in mid-May regarding an on-line registration tutorial that you will need to complete prior to registering. At Eagle Summit in June, July or August you will have the opportunity to talk through your fall schedule with an advisor and plan for future semesters. August Eagle Summit is still a very worthwhile experience, the advantage of June and July session is that you get the information earlier, but you will still feel very prepared if you attend in August. 

Q. I am not a student until the Spring semester. Can I still register and attend Eagle Summit/Welcome Week or is there something else that will be held like this in the Spring? 

A. We are only currently registering Fall 2017 students. However, we will have a January Eagle Summit session and Winter Welcome in the spring. 

Q. What if I want to cancel my Eagle Summit or Welcome Week registration? 

A. You can make changes to your registration by sending an e-mail with your request to Once we have processed the change to your registration, we will send an e-mail confirmation to your AU e-mail address along with information about payment adjustments. Any changes must be received at least 5 business days before the program for which you've been confirmed.


Orientation Fees 

Q. What are the program fees for Eagle Summit? 

A. Students: $165, Guests: $85, Guests Under 12: $40. There are also optional fees for optional housing accommodations (see Housing Accommodations below). 

Q. What does the orientation program fee cover? 

A. The program fee covers 5 meals (breakfast, lunch, & dinner on day 1 and breakfast & lunch on day 2), program materials/supplies, and supplements the compensation of our Orientation Leader student staff. The Student fee also includes one night in the residence halls since it is required that students stay in the halls during Eagle Summit. 

Q. What are the program fees for Transfer Transitions? 

A. Out hold a one-day Transfer only session in August for $40. However, Transfer students are also invited to participate in our July sessions of Eagle Summit for the student fee of $165. 

Q. How can I apply for a fee waiver? 

A. Please visit and fill out the brief form. We will then share the requests with our financial aid office who makes the decision based on your level of financial need. We share requests with financial aid on a weekly basis to review and then follow up with students to let them know about if their waiver was granted or not. Please note this waiver only covers student program fees. 


Housing Accommodations 

Q. What are the Eagle Summit Housing Rates? 

A. For students: the program fee of $165 covers your housing the night between day 1 and day 2 of Eagle Summit. If you would like to stay with us on campus the night before your session (called an early arrival) it would be an additional $75. Guests/family are permitted to stay on campus as well, but in a different building than students. Their rates are: $65 per person/per night in double occupancy overnight accommodations or $80 per night for single occupancy overnight accommodations. Guests may also arrive the night before orientation for the $65 or $80 rate. 

Q. What if my student needs housing the night before the summit? How do they arrange for that? 

 A. There are early arrival options in the registration system for students and parents. You may go into your orientation registration anytime up to 5 days prior to your session to add an early arrival. 

Q. Where do students and parents/guests stay during Eagle Summit?

A. Students will be staying in south campus in a traditional residence hall with other new students, orientation staff, and residence life staff. Students are required to stay on campus during of Eagle Summit. Parents who opt to stay on campus will be staying in the new East Campus suites. There are single and double occupancy rooms – both room types have their own private bathrooms. We offer an option for students (and parents) to check into their residence halls the night before Eagle Summit, but the night before (called “early arrival” is not required). Parents/guest may also choose to stay in a local hotel please see: 

Q. If my student arrives early will they have to move rooms? Who will they be housed with? 

A. Students will be assigned to their Eagle Summit room if they opt for an early arrival. Students will be placed on the same floor as other early arrival students. We have orientation leaders living in the halls as well as residence life staff. Students may check in beginning at 3pm on the early arrival day and staff will be available 24/7 to check students in as they arrive.


Welcome Week 

Q. If a student attends an Eagle Summit Orientation in June or July, what day should they arrive at AU for Welcome Week? 

 A. If the student attends June or July Eagle Summit they may check into campus between Saturday, August 19 and Tuesday August 22. For reference about 90% of our incoming students do move in on Saturday or Sunday (19 or 20th), but it is not required they do so. We offer a wide range of programming all of Welcome Week, which is optional but strongly encouraged. Only about 350 students of our ~1800 incoming class attend the August Eagle Summit (mainly because they were unable to come in June or July). Students who have already attended summer orientation would have alternate programming options at that time.

Q. How crucial it is to attend the Welcome Week? Will I be at a severe disadvantage it I don't attend? 

A. Welcome Week is not required, unless students are part of a specific cohort or program that may require it. However Welcome Week is designed with our new first year students in mind to connect them to campus, each other, and DC. 

Q. I just tried today to register for the Explore DC Welcome week program. 

A. We’re excited you are interested in Explore DC, however we are still finalizing program details and will open registration in June. You will receive an email when registration is open. 

Q. Do I need to register for Welcome Week? 

A. Almost all the Welcome Week program are free and open to all new students. If you opt to attend Eagle Summit in August, you must register and pay the fee. Explore DC is also optional, but does require registration and a paid fee. 



Q. When do I register for classes? 

A. Students will register for classes in early June, Undergraduate Studies will send out more information about the online tutorial about course registration in late May. At Eagle Summit there is also time for students to meet with their academic advisor to talk through the schedule they registered for and start planning long term. 

Q. When can I take a language placement test? 

A. If you plan to take an advanced level foreign language other than French, German, Russian, or Spanish, you will need to take a paper exam during your orientation session The afternoon of day 2 of orientation (between noon-5pm) is the time where students can opt into session/offices/services they need to take care of such as taking your placement exam. Please note students who plan to take a foreign language during their freshman year are encouraged to take the foreign language placement exam prior to participating in Eagle Summit. This computerized exam is not timed, but usually takes about 20 minutes. You can access the exam on the web portal. Click on Language Placement Exam in the grey bar on the right side of the screen. Follow the instructions to complete the exam and then either e-mail the results to your adviser or print your score and bring it with you to orientation. 



Q. When do most people arrive at school and move in their residence halls? 

A. New students are encouraged to move in between Saturday, August 19 and Tuesday, August 22. Please check out the First Year Housing guide for more information: 

Q. There is incorrect student information on my Eagle Summit reservation or I want to give a new or updated information. 

A. Students may update their information anytime at Any change must be made by you through the portal. 

Q. What is the date of All-American Weekend (Family Weekend) in October 2017? 

A. All-American Weekend will be October 20-22, 2017. More details will be mailed home in early August and registration will open the first week of classes in late August. 

Q. What’s the New Student Checklist?  

A. The New Student Checklist is a Web-based tool on your portal that you can use to keep track of all the tasks you need to accomplish before you begin classes in the fall, such as selecting a meal plan or completing your health insurance waiver. You can access the checklist by signing into the portal and then clicking on Activities and Events in the gray bar on the right side of your screen. Under Personalized Links you'll see a link to Student Checklists. When you click on New Student Checklist, you'll be directed to your own personalized information and will be able to complete tasks directly through the portal. Once you've completed a task, you can place a check mark next to it to indicate that it's been completed.  

Q. What should I bring with me to Eagle Summit? 

· The folder that was mailed to you to hold all your important information 

· Your results from the Foreign Language Placement Exam (if applicable) 

· Some sort of alarm clock/phone 

· Comfortable walking shoes 

· Casual and warm-weather attire, as well as a sweatshirt or light sweater for air-conditioned rooms 

· Overnight Toiletries · Umbrella - DC weather is sometimes unpredictable  

Q. What shouldn’t I bring to Eagle Summit? 

A. Sheets or a towel for your overnight in the residence hall. We'll provide them for you! Your pets- as you may or may not already know, the residence halls are pet-free, so please leave Sparky at home. Your friend from high school who's going to XYZ University- coming to AU is a new and exciting opportunity to build connections with other first-year students. Additionally, students and their guests will attend a parallel, but separate program. 

Q. Where do I send the photo for my AU ID card? 

A. You can submit your own electronic photo for your AU Student ID card using the New Student Checklist on the portal. Photos must be submitted by midnight on July 31 in order to avoid lines during August move-in.

Physical One Cards will be provided during August move-in through Welcome Week. Please contact One Card & Dining Programs team at 202-885-3775 or at with any additional questions. More information can be found at

Q. When will I know my housing assignment?  

A. Housing assignments will be sent to each student's AU e-mail address in June. The name of your roommate will be included in that correspondence. You can reach Housing and Dining Programs by phone at 202-885-3370 or by e-mail at  

Q. How can I get more information about a meal plan? 

A. If you are a first-year student living in the residence halls, you will be automatically enrolled in the 175-block plan unless you select one of the other plans available to new students. You'll find out how to select or change your plan during orientation. Information regarding all available plans is on the Housing and Dining Programs Web site at You may change your meal plan in person within 15 days of the start of the semester. If you have further questions about Dining Services at AU, check out the Web site at or call 202-885-3370.

Q. What is AU shuttle schedule this summer?  

A. Shuttles will run generally every 15 minutes from 6:15am-12:30am Monday-Thursday and they have extended hours on Friday until 3:30am. For more information please visit: