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Proposal Process

  • Make all space reservations prior to filling out the form. It is your responsibility to specify your top 3 spaces in 25Live, and once your event is confirmed, you will receive the space assignment (See Blackout scheduling info sheet for more assistance)
    • NOTE: You must submit the 25Live reservation # in the proposal form, therefore if your event is off campus/does not require space, please complete an “CAMPUS*OFF” space request to be used as a placeholder
    • NOTE: If you hope to use any outdoor space, it must be reserved on 25Live
  • Keep in mind the size of your event! If we believe the space you requested will be too big/small for your event, we will make modifications to best accommodate everyone
  • You will receive an event confirmation from OTR regarding your event by the end of May. This means you are on the official Welcome Week schedule and all changes need to be submitted to Kailey MacDonald,, as soon as they arise
    • Welcome Week marketing begins in mid-June; We ask that you refrain from making changes to your event after that point.

The Welcome Week event proposal deadline is May 7th at 5pm! No late submissions will be accepted.