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Our Eagles are Green!

Orientation Programming: Our department is constantly revisiting everything we do during new student orientation to finds ways to make the program more sustainable.

Sustainable Gift: Our office partners with the Campus Store to provide sustainable gifts for our New Student Orientation giveaways!

Publications: Our office has reduced the size of its printed publications, moved publications to a web format, and created an informational brochure that will serve as a folder for collecting information during the summer. Orientation publications are FSC approved and printed on 100% recycled paper.

Chemical Toxicity: Orientation programs have committed to consider and minimize chemical toxicity in its purchasing of appliances and office supplies.

Office Purchasing and Behaviors: Our program was the FIRST department in the Office of Campus Life and at American University to be certified by Eco-Sense, AU's eco-certification and eco-awareness group.

Paper: To reduce the amount of paper used, we have eliminated the thousands of informational fliers it previously distributed to first-year, in favor of an online resource; if printed material is needed, our office creates documents that are double-sided or only quarter sheet-sized. Orientation programming is also making an effort to reduce its purchase of bright and dark colored paper since it cannot be recycled.

Recycling: Our department recycles all paper used in its office. Paper that has only been used on one side is reused for printing or as scrap paper. Additionally, the name badges participants receive at all of orientation programs convert to luggage tags.

Energy Efficiency: All office equipment, from computers to copiers, are set to energy saving modes. We have made a commitment to purchasing Energy Star certified appliances.