American University Residence Hall Association

RHA Group Photo

Why Get Involved?

RHA is a great opportunity to get involved in the campus community and help make AU a great place to live. With community building programs, resident-centered advocacy initiatives, regional and national involvement and effective and inspirational leadership development programs, RHA is a multifaceted organization.

RHA is also a great opportunity to meet new people. Hall Councils provide a great link to get to know the people with whom you live. The General Assembly is a great way to meet new and different people from all over campus. In addition, a few RHA members travel to regional and national conferences and are able to meet people from other schools.

If you have an idea of something you would like to see on campus or in your hall, RHA can be a great place to start. RHA can provide funding, advertising, and lots of people to help bring your ideas to fruition. You can put any and all of your skills to good use and gain valuable experience. Together, we can build community within the halls that will help to facilitate a happy healthy living environment for all of our residents.