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504/Disability Grievance Procedures

Please review the updated 2017 policy: "American University's Reasonable Accommodations Grievance Procedures for Students."

Reasonable Accommodations Grievance Procedures for Students


Students may use this policy to file complaints about disability-related reasonable accommodations with the University. Students should use the University's Discrimination and Sexual Harassment Policy to grieve disability discrimination not related to reasonable accommodation.

This policy is distinct from the University's Discrimination and Sexual Harassment Policy. If there is ambiguity regarding which policy and procedures apply to a particular discrimination complaint, the relevant Designated Official will decide which policy to apply in resolving a particular discrimination complaint. This is to avoid duplication of resolution efforts.

Disability Grievance Procedure for Students

Students who feel that they have not been provided reasonable accommodations by the University may use these grievance procedures to file a complaint with the University's 504 Coordinator for Students. The 504 Coordinator for Students is responsible for the University's compliance efforts to provide a learning, living, and work environment free from disability-related discrimination and discriminatory harassment for students. The role of the 504 Coordinator for Students is served by the Director of Student Conduct and Conflict Resolution Services, Office of Campus Life, Butler Pavilion 407, American University, 4400 Massachusetts Avenue, NW, Washington DC, 20016; (202)885-3328;

A complaint must be filed as soon as possible, but no later than 180 calendar days after receiving a decision on an accommodation request. Timely complaint filing gives the University the best chance to conduct a meaningful opportunity to resolve the problem. A delay in filing a complaint may severely affect available remedies. The University may extend this time frame for good cause, such as illness, incapacity, or other circumstances beyond a Complainant's control. Requests for extensions of the 180-day filing period must be made in writing to the 504 Coordinator.

File a Grievance

To file a grievance, contact our office by email using the link below. 

File a Grievance