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Student Conduct & Conflict Resolution

Outreach and Education

Part of our mission is to educate the AU community about conflict resolution options and benefits. If your club, academic class, or community would like more information about conflict resolution, we are happy to work with you to develop a customized presentation. Topics can include the following, but please note that we regularly adjust workshops to suit the needs of a given group.

B to Z: Generations in the Workplace
For the first time in modern history, four generations are in the workplace together. Learn the successes and challenges that come with that and how to manage them.

The Three Cs: Culture, Conflict, and Communication
Cultural differences exist and enhance our community, but when communication breaks down, cultural differences can lead to conflict. This workshop discusses ways in which cultures come into conflict and how to manage conflict that may be culturally influenced.

Go Straight to the Source
Ever been in a conflict and not known why? You think everything is calm, but others see drama? This workshop discusses the five main sources of conflict and how identifying them can help you manage a conflict for success.

How to Have the Talk
Yup, no way around it. You have got to talk to this person. You know that text is not the best way, but how DO you bring up the elephant in the room? This workshop focuses on how to begin a conversation about conflict and how to manage the difficult aspects of these discussions.

Make It Out Alive
Decide for Your Life: This workshop groups participants to complete a (tabletop) survival exercise. As groups make decisions, they will learn whether or not they’ve survived the rigors of an arctic environment and why. Different methods of group-decision making will be discussed and assessed.

Mediation, Arbitration, and Coaching: Oh Which?!
Are these all the same? Are they different? When would you want to use one or the other? How do you learn to do them? This workshop overviews different methods of alternative dispute resolution and the unique advantages of each.

Next Time I Fall…
So, it’s time to pick a roommate. Maybe you’ve already found your perfect match, but most of us are still looking. This workshop details how to pick the perfect roommate for you and how to keep your relationship strong. We will also discuss how to have the best break-up in history with your current roommate.

They say relationships are work, but you thought teams should just work! This workshop examines your specific team and the challenges and opportunities that may exist as your team approaches conflict and communication.

What’s Your Style? Make it Work!
You know that sometimes you just have to make what you’ve got work! Everyone has a style of approaching conflict that sets each of us up for some successes and some challenges. Learn what your conflict approach style is and how to make it work for you.

What Did You Say?: Attending Skills
People talk to us every day, but do we really listen? This workshop uses interactive exercises to train listeners to focus and actively engage with others in communication.

Why Do YOU Want the Apple?: How to Win Every Time
There’s only one apple and we can’t all have it. Do you have the best reason for wanting the apple? This workshop examines how to create win-win outcomes from seemingly impossible problems.

Won’t You Be My Neighbor?
Whether you share a wall, a yard, or a street, neighbors may naturally have conflict arise. This workshop addresses how to connect with your neighbor before conflict starts and how to address conflict once it’s begun. This workshop will also highlight community and AU resources for addressing neighborly conflicts.

20-Hour Mediation Workshop
Each semester, our 20-hour mediation training is available to AU students, faculty, and staff at no charge. To learn when the next training is occurring, contact