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Student Clubs

A student club is a student group recognized through American University Student Activities that is supported and funded through the recognized undergraduate council. Student clubs at American University are student-led groups created to provide programming initiatives for the benefit of currently enrolled students. Recognized organizations are eligible to receive Student Activity Fee Funds allocated through our governing councils.


To become a formally recognized club, all student organizations must meet the following criteria:

- Compliance with all applicable American University policies

- Adherence to the University's non-discrimination policy  

- Demonstrate non-duplication of a mission or purpose of previously recognized AU student organization.

- Submission of a complete roster of officers and members. (Each club must have a minimum of eight (8) members, with four (4) of those members consisting of a president, vice president, treasurer, and secretary). Executive board members must have a 2.5 cumulative GPA and be in good disciplinary standing to be eligible. 

- Identify a Faculty or Staff club advisor: Who can be a Student Club Advisor? All Student Activities recognized student organizations are required to have an advisor. Any full-time member of the faculty, staff or administration is eligible to serve as the recognized advisor to the organization.

- Submission of a club constitution

- Demonstrated benefit to the members, campus, and/or wider community, as expressed in the Purpose of your Constitution through the articulation of objectives and goals, which include:

o Policies and procedure to govern programming for stated goals, projects

o A clarification of governing documents for leadership roles and elections

ORIENTATION: Prior to submitting a request to start a new club, please review our Student Activities Student Organization Policies and Guidelines.

STEP 1: Register your information for the interest group via the New Club Registration form 

STEP 2: Schedule a meeting with the New Organization Committee

· Student Activities will review your submission and a Student Activities staff member will reach out to you to arrange a time for you to present your idea to the New Organization Committee. Our new student club review committee is a Student Activities staff members and the AU Club Council.

· Allow a week for a response to you your submission for a presentation date. Presentations must cover the following areas regarding your new organization:

  • Mission and Purpose of your organization
  • Club Logo and Social media presence
  • How will recognition from Student Activities aid your organization in building campus community?
  • How will participation in this organization aid in the personal growth and development of its members?
  • Proposed programming: Include potential dates and a estimated budget for each event
  • How will the organization benefit the AU community?

The New Organization Committee will review the following with those present at the presentation:

  • The expected role of your faculty/staff advisor
  • Conversations regarding your proposed events and budget
  • Leadership opportunities and training opportunities for club members

STEP 3: Await final Committee decision

  • Your club point of contact will receive notice within 1 week of your presentation.
    • If approved, your organization will be required to attend a new club orientation. New club orientation will take place once a month, beginning in September and ending in April.
    • If denied, Student Activities will follow-up with the team and discuss revisions and improvements for resubmission.

The AU Club Council (AUCC) is a recognized, chartered student governance organization directly funded from the undergraduate Student Activity fee to provide funding allocation for events and programming initiatives hosted by recognized undergraduate student clubs. The AUCC is dedicated to building stronger clubs at American University and supporting them with all the resources and expertise at our disposal. The AU Club Council provides funding to all recognized clubs on campus and helps clubs leaders grow. Visit for more information about the Club Council.

Calvin Haney

Calvin Haney is the Associate Director for Leadership Development for Student Activities. He is responsible for the development of leadership development curricula and programs for student clubs.
Office: MGC 271G


Dee Tessema

Dee Tessema is a part-time graduate assistant responsible for advising student clubs and AU Club Council.
Office: MGC 274