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Financial Forms

All recognized student organizations use a bank account managed by the Student Activities office. AU Student Government, Student Media, clubs and organizations represented under the Graduate Leadership Council receive funds collected each semester through student activity fees. (Fraternity & Sorority Life organizations do not receive student activity funds.)

Student organization leaders are able to request funds after they have completed the required financial training. Below are the forms most commonly used by student organizations at American University. In order to successfully submit a financial request, you must turn in a hard copy of the completed forms to the Student Activities front desk, located at Mary Graydon Center 271. The office will not accept forms submitted via email.

Student Activities wants to keep student organizations up to speed on all the latest developments in student finance. Our finance team occasionally publishes newsletters featuring important policy reminders and upcoming financial deadlines. Check out our latest newsletter here.

Ebonie Smith

Ebonie handles finances for AUCC, Graduate Councils, Fraternity & Sorority Life, Council of Professional Greek Organizations and deposits.

Phone: 202-885-3399

Check Request Form

Check Request

Fill out a Check Request Form when your organization needs to pay a vendor/speaker/performer.
Online Order Form

Online Order

Fill out an Online/Phone Order Form when your organization needs to make a purchase online or over the phone.
Funds Collection

Funds Collection

Fill out a Funds Collection Form when you need to collect money raised by your organization.
Funds Transfer

Funds Transfer

Fill out a Funds Transfer Form when you need to send/receive funds to/from another group.


Fill out an Eventbrite Form when your organization needs to provide tickets for an event.
Deposit Record Form

Deposit Record

Fill out a Deposit Record Form when you need to turn in checks/cash collected via dues, fundraising, etc.
Go Fund Me Form

Go Fund Me

Fill out a Go Fund Me Form when your organization wants to launch a campaign to raise funds.