GUIDE Profile


Greeks United for Inclusivity, Diversity, and Equity (GUIDE) is a student-led initiative at American University to improve diversity, inclusion, and equity action and education in regard to the Greek and AU communities. We are dedicated to:

  • The advancement of LGBTQIA+, multicultural, first generation, and women's experiences within the Greek community;
  • Ensuring the Greek community continues be one of safety and empowerment where all are embraced regardless of identity;
  • Utilizing Greek influence to ensure the aforementioned populations’ voices are appropriately represented campus-wide.

executive board

GUIDE Executive board members
Position Name Organization
Director Katie O'Donnell Phi Sigma Sigma
IFC Representative Kai Walther (interim) Zeta Psi
IGC Representative Natasha Bonilha Lambda Pi Chi, Inc.
PHC Representative Deepshika Muruganathan Phi Sigma Sigma
Queer Greek Collective Representative Ali DeLambo Sigma Delta Tau
Trans-Inclusion Task Force Representative Kai Walther Zeta Psi