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Policy Information

American University is committed to responding promptly and effectively to reports of discrimination and will take appropriate action to prevent, correct, and if necessary, to discipline individuals who violate University policies.

The Discrimination and Sexual Harassment Policy (PDF) is the University-wide policy that includes:

  • definitions of discrimination, discriminatory harassment, sexual harassment and sexual violence, dating violence, domestic violence, rape, sexual assault, sexual exploitation, and stalking;
  • information on the duty of AU Community members to report potential violations; and
  • information about how the University will respond to resolve reports of prohibited behavior.

For specific information on the procedures the University will use in addressing complaints of sex- or gender-based harassment and sexual violence, see the following policies:

  • Complaints about students - Student Conduct Code (see XIX.A. Procedures Related to University Policy on the Basis of Sex and Gender including Sexual Violence)
  • Complaints about staff - Staff Personnel Policies Manual (PDF) (see 9.0 Complaint Policy and Procedure)
  • Complaints about faculty - Faculty Manual (see 20. Disciplinary Actions, Investigations, and Formal Faculty Hearings)

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