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In Case of Emergency

In case of any emergency in the University Center, you will most likely be asked to either clear the area or exit the building by American University Public Safety officers or University Center professional staff and student staff.

In an evacuation, please remain calm and promptly exit the building using the nearest stairwell and entrance - never use the elevators during an evacuation - and remain a safe distance away from the building after exiting. Staff members have the authority in handling emergency situations in the University Center. When any building is evacuated, re-entry is allowed only after Public Safety and Facilities Management has determined and handled the emergency.

Other Emergency Tips:

  • Be aware of emergency EXIT ROUTES in all situations.
  • Call the AU telephone number for emergency information and announcements about campus conditions: (202) 885-1100.
  • Always carry your AU identification card.
  • Call 911 ONLY in a life threatening situation.  Call Public Safety in all other emergency situations (202) 885-3636.
  • Have an Emergency contact and/or Out-of-area contact: Note the name and telephone number for this family contact person.
  • Sign up for the AU Campus Connect program to receive text messages for campus alerts.

For more information about Emergency preparedness and response procedures for American University, please visit the Risk Management and Safety Services website or the Department of Public Safety website.

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