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All users will need to complete this training before they can request event space. Be sure to fill out the form at the end of the video. Requests should be granted within 3 business days.

Training Video

New Users

  • Reference numbers save events!
These numbers are how we keep track of individual events. You can find them when you finish submitting your event request on 25Live. Reference Numbers follow the format
20XX-123456( e.g. 2017-ACLAKQ)
If you have any questions or need to make changes to your event you will need this number


  • Get to know your scheduler!
  • Schedulers are what make your events work and there are many schedulers for our many spaces. Click the link below to see who schedules the space you requested to ask any event questions. Be sure to be nice, these are people who manage event requests.

List of schedulers

Student Organization Access

If your organization has an event follow these steps to ensure you get the space you need.

Faculty & Staff Space Requests

  • Faculty - The registrar has your back.
    • Academic reservations are handled by the registrar, please contact their office if you need space for any of the following
    • Credit or non-credit bearing courses, review & study sessions, make-up classes & exams, final examinations, any campus activities directly related to course instruction