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Explore DC Coordinators

Explore DC Service Coordinators work as a team throughout the summer to design, plan and implement Explore DC, a two-day program for around 700 incoming students and 100 upperclass leaders. They identify and negotiate service placements (schools and nonprofit groups), design the opening session and evening programs, place incoming first-year students in 50 nonprofit locations throughout the DC metropolitan area, prepare leaders to work with their groups and sites, and oversee the actual program.

The four coordinators each have their own role in putting together the Explore DC program. These roles are:

  • Publicity and Publications
  • Community Partners
  • Logistics
  • Programming

Check out the profiles below of the amazing students who served as our 2018 coordinators and led 779 first-year and transfer students through the Explore DC Program. They also trained and prepared 110 upperclass students to lead a group of 12-15 participants through all eight wards to serve in the community. We look forward to introducing our 2019 coordinators when they are selected!

I'm McKim (she/her/hers), and I'm from New York, Massachusetts, and Virginia. I am and International Studies major through the School of International Service. I love to play tennis, play the saxophone, and dance on the school's Bhangra team. I am also a major foodie and enjoy trying new foods from all around the DMV area, as well as the adventures that come with finding these places. 

I'm Santiago or Santi (he/him/his/el), I am Colombian but was raised in Houston, and then I sort of grew up all over the world. I am a sophomore. I am bilingual, and I have worked in the immigrant rights movement sort of tangentially, but its an issue I feel very passionate about. Aside from school, work and the activism, what I mostly do is ride my bike and watch movies. Netflix is probably the site I most visit, and I go to the theatre almost every week. I love soccer, have been reffed, but haven't played since High School. Excited to watch the World Cup this summer! 

I'm Tessa (she/her/hers), a sophomore in the School of Education, majoring in Elementary Education with a minor in studio art. I am from Avon, Connecticut and love the new environment of DC, coming from a small suburban town. My main passion in social justice is education, and alleviating the opportunity gap that persists in many places around the country, and is especially noticeable in DC. In my free time I love reading fantasy books, dancing while nobody watches, and making boxed mac n' cheese. 

I'm Tyler (he/him/his), from South Brunswick, New Jersey. I am a sophomore majoring in Communications, Legal Institutions, Economics, and Government, with a Leadership and Management minor. My most passionate social justice issues are affordable housing, urban planning, and public transit reform. This semester, I am working for the Coalition for Smarter Growth, as an advocate for the issues above. I enjoy playing chess, ultimate frisbee, and giving tours at AU, and I can juggle. 

Interested in being an Explore DC Leader?

This is a great opportunity for leaders who want to bring the world to AU and AU to the world! Explore DC Leaders are returning participants ready to take a step forward in working with and learning about their DC community. They use passion, skills, and knowledge learned from their time in the program to lead an entirely new group of incoming students. An Explore DC Leader has a strong interest in DC, social issues, and nonprofit organizations. Leaders are comfortable being in charge of a group. They are usually the first role models incoming students encounter; thus, our Explore DC Leaders are positive and enthusiastic about American University as a whole, excited to venture into DC for service, exploration, and dedicated to orienting a new group of AU students to life at American.

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