FSE Leaders

Freshman Service Experience Leaders are returning participants ready to take a step forward in working with their DC community. They use passion, skills, and knowledge learned from their time in the program to lead an entirely new group of freshmen. An FSE leader has a strong interest in DC, social issues, and nonprofit organizations and is comfortable being in charge of a group. FSE leaders are usually the first role models the incoming freshmen encounter; thus, our FSE leaders are positive and enthusiastic about American University as a whole, excited to venture into DC for two days of service, and dedicated to orienting a new group of AU students to life at American. 

This year leadership pairs will focus on a particular social justice issue within the DC Community and Freshmen will have the opportunity to select the issue they are most interested in.

2013 FSE Leaders

Sarah Alexander Michelle McKeever
Kelsey Balimtas Rebecca Weisenhoff
Casey Brown Christine Kulak
Daniela Salazar Phoeobe Rabinowitsch
Conor Gallagher Jackie Moran
Jaqueline Langer Ferdinand Swedi
Jessica Lawson Elyse Preston
Molly Kerigan Sara Rubinstein
Aliya Mejias Sarah O'Neill
Risa Lazaroff Adam Rosfeld
Fito Akinrinade  Leyla De Avila
Eyek Ntekin Farah Saunders
Gabrielle Valasco Rianna Eckel
Cindy Zavala Rachel Wolff
Caitlin Allmaier Daniel Chen
Danel (Gabriel) Bera Nhat Minh Nguyen
Lucy Lohrmann Brianna Curran
Neli Traykova Emily Perzanoski
Alexander Young Quin Hursch
David Adler Nicole Bobnoski
Anna Miriam Sutton Sarah Connolly
Kerry Vollherbst Catherine Kent
Dylan Rasnick Claire Bailey
Emily Ferraro Jordan Halsey 
Heidi Liedtke Nicola Brooks
Mackenzie Lipman Dominick Cucciarre
Jillian Hanson Nate York
Franny Valour Hanna Huntley
Jessica Murphy Michelle Swiger
Mary Hamula Dominika Iszczek
Egbert Ospina Deepak Bhagat
Cooper Nordquist Noelle Gaicona
Olivia Cessine Emily Nelson
Jack Vogtle Mohini Walavalkan
Emily Blau Katherine McCauley
Roslyn Glover Taylor Kennedy 
Victoria Vogel  Evan Oliver
Natalia Penton Jesse Cote
Trisha Clifton Shannon Carey
Carson Merenbloom Nia McCarthy
Connor Coleman Zachary Belinsky
Christina Kladis Caroline Gomez
Aleksandra Reetz


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2014 Important Dates

Applications Due: Midnight, March 28th

Interviews: March 31st- April 8th

Selection Notifications: April 11th

Leader Training: Monday, August 18th

FSE: August 19th-21st