Community Engagement & Service

FSE Coordinators

FSE Coordinators work as a team throughout the summer to design, plan and implement the Freshman Service Experience, a 3-day program for approximately 800 incoming students and 120 upper-classmen leaders.

Their role is to identify and negotiate service placements (schools and nonprofit groups), design the opening session and evening programs, place incoming freshmen in 50 nonprofit locations throughout the DC metropolitan area, prepare leaders to work with their groups and sites, and oversee the actual program which will take place from August 18-20, 2015.

Coordinator Roles

The five coordinators each have their own role in the putting together of the annual Freshman Service Experience. These roles are:

  • Publicity and Publications
  • Participants and Leaders
  • Community Partners
  • Logistics
  • Programming

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Become a Coordinator

Interested in becoming a 2015 FSE Coordinator?

Review the job description below and follow the link to complete our EngageNet application. This is a great opportunity for service-minded leaders who want to bring the world to AU and AU to the world!

Apply by January 30th

Job Description

Your 2014 Coordinators


ava fse

Ava Cates, '16, Justice& Law and American Studies

From Long Island (if you can't tell from her accent), Ava Cates is a rising junior, double majoring in Justice& Law and American Studies. She is a sister of Alpha Epsilon Phi sorority and a brother of Alpha Kappa Psi professional business fraternity, two organizations that have positively shaped her experience at AU thus far. She loves dogs, statement necklaces, and the beach! During the school year, you’ll find her volunteering at the Latin American Youth Center through DC Reads, where she has been a volunteer since her first semester at AU (it's also one of the Center for Community Engagement and Service's great programs!) or hanging around in Harris Lounge with her friends. Her passions include urban education, and racial and gender equality, which she hopes to combine with her major as a future career.



chante fse

Chante Harris, '15, CLEG

Chante Harris is a senior in SPA pursuing an interdisciplinary degree in Communication, Legal Institutions, Economics and Government (CLEG) and minoring in the Spanish Language. Chante’s passion for community service and civic engagement stems from hearing stories of her grandmother’s fight for equality in the U.S. as a civil rights activist. Throughout her college career Chante has volunteered with several organizations in the DC area such as LAYC and Head Start aiming to help in decreasing education inequality in the U.S. She is a proud AmeriCorps member through Jumpstart and has held the position of coordinator assistant to the Community Service Learning Program at American University. Chante is very excited to be a Freshman Service Experience coordinator this summer and plans to continue furthering her passion for public service during the rest of her time at AU and after she graduates.


megan fse

Megan Niegisch, '15, Public Health

Megan is a rising senior in the College of Arts and Sciences studying public health. She is very excited to combine two of her favorite things -- DC and service as an FSE coordinator! She became particularly passionate about food security while volunteering with DC Hunger Solutions doing SNAP outreach. She is also passionate about all things community health and thinks that community gardens are the best thing since sliced bread. Last year she studied abroad in Kenya where she attempted to learn Swahili and worked at a shelter for girls who had been abused or trafficked. Megan is a brother of Alpha Phi Omega and team leader of Health Leads AU. Her happy place is the White Mountains of New Hampshire where she is from. Megan is an avid runner, chocolate ice cream eater, and National Geographic reader.


alex fse

Alex Young, '15, International Studies

Alex Young is from Reidsville, North Carolina, where his passion for service originated in a small community setting. Upon transitioning to DC, he expanded and began embracing a wide interest and dedication to DC's core social and political issues. He was both an FSE participant and leader during his first two years, and is now excited to be a coordinator. Outside of FSE, he focuses on issues of homelessness, housing, and food security. In the District, he has done work with the National Coalition for the Homeless (NCH), representing NCH at conferences, collecting data for policy papers, and helping people experiencing homelessness register to vote.


sam fse

Sam Niemann, '15, Special Education

Sam Niemann, rising senior and Pinterest aficionado, is beyond excited to help plan the program she fell in love with during the summer of 2011! She can be found working with children on the Autism Spectrum, volunteering with the Eta Phi chapter of Alpha Phi Omega (a national, co-ed community service fraternity), and on her couch watching House of Cards. Her passions include (but aren't limited to) veteran's affairs, animal-themed puns, and funfetti. If you ever want to talk about inclusive classrooms and communities or Game of Thrones theories, she's always up for a frozen yogurt. Always.