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Life Behind Bars: A Look Into Modern Day Servitude, Legal Biases and the Criminal "Justice” System

Alternative Break Prison Reform in San Francisco 2014-2015

The Program:

Our trip will focus on the flaws of the criminal justice system, and how it directly influences people of color. We will determine what role institutional racism plays in prisons systemically as well as explore organizations that try to alleviate the side effects of falling victim to the system or having a loved one in prison. 1 in 3 Black men will go to jail in their lifetime, not because of poor choices, but structures that are put in place for their down fall in the United States. We will investigate how legal biases and the war on drugs have led to the overpopulation of black and brown bodies in prison; how prison conditions and modern day servitude affect those serving time on the inside and what the black lives matter movement role has been throughout this process.