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August, 18, 2017

New AU Undergraduate Students
Fanta Aw, Interim Vice President of Campus Life
Welcome Week Activities and Safety

Dear New Students:

Welcome to AU! The university has planned a number of activities during the next few weeks to help you meet other AU students and get to know the AU campus. Check out the Welcome Week 2017 Calendar of Events and get involved as soon as you arrive on campus. We encourage you to focus your involvement on university sponsored activities but we recognize that you will be interested in exploring off-campus opportunities. With that in mind, please be especially aware of the following safety recommendations:

Off-Campus Activities

It is common for new students to receive invitations to off-campus parties. These parties can pose significant risks to students. Consider this:

  • How will you get home safely from the party?
  • Who else do you know is attending the party? Are they people you trust to step up for you as an engaged bystander? How will you look out for your friends and ensure you all get home safely?
  • If you choose to drink, do you understand the potential consequences for your safety, health and disciplinary record? Be sure to use the strategies identified in Think About It online education tool.
  • How will you get help if you need it? Do you have the numbers for local and campus police, and AU's Safe Ride to Campus program (202-885-2527)?

The university takes a strong position against underage drinking. The parents of students involved in violations of the university alcohol policy or drug policy will be informed of these incidents. Students' actions off campus reflect on the entire AU community, and neighborhood disturbances violate AU's Good Neighbor Policy. They may also violate the Student Conduct Code and the law.

Risks Associated With Underground Groups

An underground group is formerly a recognized student organization or group that has lost or been denied university registration or recognition as a consequence of violating the Student Conduct Code and/or other university policy. Providing assistance to or in any way perpetuating the misconduct of an Underground Group is a violation of the Student Conduct Code and may led to expulsion from the university.

As you may have heard if you attended Eagle Summit, the university encourages you to be particularly aware of an underground group known as Epsilon Iota or EI. We strongly discourage you from participating in any of the group's activities.

  • This group of students operates without AU's approval, oversight, or guidance.
  • This group invites students to parties through misleading social media posts, falsely identifying themselves by names other than EI, stating that they are or soon will be a recognized group, and by way of personal contact with unsuspecting new students.
  • Individuals in this group have been associated with high risk behavior and serious misconduct, including sexual and physical assaults.
  • Students previously involved with this group have faced criminal and disciplinary consequences including arrests and removal from the university.
  • Providing assistance to or in any way perpetuating the activities of an Underground Group is a violation of university policy. Student Conduct Code (page 8)

AU expects its students, wherever they are, to conduct themselves in a responsible and civil manner. If you have questions about your responsibilities and rights under the Student Conduct Code, you may contact the Office of the Dean of Students (202-885-3300 or or the Student Conduct Office (202-885-3328 or

Best wishes for a safe and successful semester!