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Peer Educators for the Elimination of Relationship and Sexual Violence (PEERS) is comprised of passionate student leaders at AU who are recruited, trained, and supervised by AU's Sexual Assault Prevention Coordinator. The mission of PEERS is to increase awareness of sexual assault, dating abuse, and stalking; as well as reduce the incidence of sexual violence in the AU community through outreach and education. PEERS provide workshops and facilitate discussions on dating abuse, stalking, and sexual violence to any university-affiliated group.


Become a part of the solution. Join the Peer Educators for the Elimination of Relationship and Sexual Violence (PEERS) today! Fill out this application.

Request a PEERS Workshop

To request a PEERS workshop for your campus group, please fill out a request form. Read on below for more detailed information about the range of workshops offered by our PEERS team.


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Sexual Violence Workshops Offered through PEERS

The following educational programs are available upon request. Each program will last approximately one hour and will be available to any groups on campus that hold university affiliation. To request more information, please email the Sexual Assault Prevention Coordinator at


Dating Violence 

  1. Defines abusive relationships through scenarios that engage the audience to determine the difference between a healthy and abusive relationship.
  2. Discusses prevalence of the crime (statistics).
  3. Reviews evolution of abusive relationships and the many signs, including but not limited to: isolation, family pressure, social pressure, etc. (uses “Power and Control” and “Equality” wheels).
  4. Counters common victim blaming and explains “Why they stay.”
  5. Provides a thorough “How to Identify and How to Help” document. 



  1. Provides definitions of stalking and discusses the prevalence of the crime.
  2. Reviews the psychology behind stalking behaviors.
  3. Illustrates progression of stalking behaviors (including cyber-stalking)
  4. Uses a true stalking story to portray the impact of stalking on victims.
  5. Outlines strategies for action if someone you know is being stalked. 


Sexual Violence 

  1. Reviews definitions of rape and consent.
  2. Provides examples and guidelines for consent.
  3. Engages audience through a “What does consent look like” program.
  4. Presents prevalence and statistical information throughout workshop.
  5. Counters victim blaming through a comparison scenario and then discusses psychology of victim blaming.
  6. Discusses common reactions of survivors to sexual violence and the reality of “secondary trauma” for those helping a survivor.
  7. Provides thorough “What to do if…” document for survivors, those helping survivors, and challenging a friend who may have been a perpetrator.



PEERS Application

Complete this form to apply for a position in the Peer Educators for the Elimination of Relationship and Sexual violence (PEERS). PEERS is supervised by Daniel Rappaport, the Sexual Assault Prevention Coordinator and Wellness Center staff member. In addition to completing this form, applicants may be asked to complete an in-person interview.  

Applications will be accepted through April 8, 2016.


PEERS Program Request

Thank you for your interest in hosting a PEERS program for your organization. Each program lasts approximately 1 hour. Please be sure to fill out all sections of this form. Requests should be made at least two weeks in advance. If you have any questions or need additional information, please contact the Sexual Assault Prevention Coordinator at