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Office of Information Technology

OIT Three-Year Roadmap

Started in 2007, the OIT Three -Year Roadmap provides a vision for the next several years of enterprise technology development at American University. It builds upon a robust environmental scan; a review of key IT trends in higher education; a peer benchmark comparison; an analysis of strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats (SWOT); and core values. Shaped through a total of 33 campus interviews, six months of on-site observations, and experience meeting similar challenges and needs at other universities, the roadmap is organized around six themes that collectively provide an overview of the evolving plan for enterprise technology at AU:

  1. ready and able—providing a reliable and sustainable technology platform
  2. diligent and vigilant—protecting confidential information and university information assets and complying with laws and regulations
  3. nimble and flexible—modernizing IT applications architecture with a focus on self-service and collaboration
  4. aware and responsive—improving customer services through improved coordination of distributed campus support IT personnel
  5. organized and optimized—adopting best practices in IT management and promoting improved efficiency and effectiveness
  6. innovative and visionary—exploring technology innovations that keep AU on the leading edge of technology among its peers

To help us realize this conceptual roadmap, we developed more-detailed operational plans, including a capital plan, a staffing plan, a Datatel roadmap, and a project management maturity plan. Additional operational plans are in the works (e.g., business continuity and disaster recovery, business intelligence and data warehouse, security and compliance, and change control).

We will continue using this roadmap as a directional guide, and we are currently working with the strategic planning committee across campus to align this roadmap with the university’s strategic vision.