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Office of Information Technology

Accessing Your AU E-mail
from the Web

Faculty and Staff Instructions

Faculty and staff can access their AU e-mail from anywhere in the world via a Web interface. You can also access your calendar, to-do list, and personal address book.

Please Note: Mozilla Firefox, Safari and Internet Explorer are certified for use with the iNotes web mail client. However, a special ultra-light client is available for iPhone, iPod Touch, Chrome, and Opera.

Accessing Your E-mail

  1. Open your Web browser and log in to Your inbox will be displayed. 
  2. Double-click to open a message.


Replying to a Message

  1. After reading an e-mail, you may reply to the sender by placing the mouse over the REPLY button and selecting:
    • REPLY WITH HISTORY ONLY (replies to the sender and includes the text of the original message) 
    • REPLY WITH HISTORY & ATTACHMENTS (includes the sender's original message including any attachments)
    • REPLY (replies to the sender of the original message) 
    • REPLY WITH INTERNET-STYLE HISTORY (includes the sender's original message in a simple font and prefixes the lines of the original message with an ">")
  2. The same choices are also available TO ALL; however, this replies to the sender and all other recipients of the original message.


Creating a New Message

  1. From your inbox, place the mouse over the NEW button and select MESSAGE
  2. Type an E-MAIL ADDRESS in the TO field or click on the TO: button to access the address book. 
    • If you use the address book option, type the person's last name in the SEARCH FOR field and click the SEARCH button. Highlight the person's name and click the TO: button to add him or her to the recipient list for the message. Repeat the search as necessary. Click OK when done. 
  3. Type a SUBJECT in the subject area. 
  4. Click in the MESSAGE AREA to begin typing your message. 
  5. To send an attachment, click the ATTACH FILE button, which looks like a paper clip. Click the BROWSE button from the attachment section at the bottom of the window. Select the file you want to attach and click OPEN. Then click ADD TO LIST to confirm your selection.
  6. Click the SEND button when your message is ready to be mailed.


Deleting Messages

  1. Highlight or open the desired message. 
  2. Click the TRASH CAN icon to delete the message. 
  3. To delete multiple messages, highlight the first message, then hold down the CTRL key and select the other messages to be deleted. 
  4. Release the CTRL key when done selecting. Click the TRASH CAN icon to delete all of the selected messages. 
  5. (Optional) Click the TRASH button in the left pane and select EMPTY TRASH.

We recommend use of the Lotus Notes client software to enjoy the full benefits of AU's Lotus Notes e-mail system for faculty and staff.