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Mailing List Options

At AU, there are several different methods available for distributing email to a group of individuals, each with its own advantages and disadvantages.

Summary of Group Distribution Methods

Create an email group in your personal contacts list, if you want a one-way announcement group to which only you can send. Note: this group will have to be managed and maintained by you, as others will not have access to it.

The IT Help Desk can create an Active Directory group in the enterprise directory, which may be used to distribute email messages to members of the AU community. This method is ideal, if you want a one-way announcement group to which multiple specific individuals may post. Note: Active Directory groups may be maintained by the owner,; however, they require the installation of a special management tool.

Traditional listservs are best for very large groups of people, as they offer a wider variety of security and distribution options. Some listservs are configured to allow any members to post to them, while others are restricted and/or moderated. 

Listservs also provide the ability to have a daily digest sent to summarize the recent postings, as well as to have older content automatically archived.

There are designated staff in some divisions, departments, and schools that can send mass emails on your behalf. If you are unsure who to request this from, you can contact the IT Help Desk to discuss your needs.