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Office of Information Technology

AU's Network Infrastructure

EagleNet is a fiber optic backbone network used to transmit data throughout the campus. Over 7,000 EagleNet outlets are in place so that each office, residence hall room, and classroom on campus has a direct connection to campus computing resources and the Internet.

EagleNet, at its core, uses Gigabit Ethernet to transmit data and interconnect servers and network segments. Gigabit Ethernet is the fastest networking technology generally available today, with the ability to transmit one billion data bits per second.

Depending upon the campus location, end-user connections may be 10 or 100 million bit per second switched Ethernet ports, or shared 10 million bit per second ports.

Network protocols supported on EagleNet include TCP/IP and Novell's IPX. DHCP is used to automatically assign a network address to each PC when it is connected to the network.