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OIT Newsletter

Spring 2011

Read the latest news and updates regarding AU's information technology services.

CIO Update

A Message from Dave Swartz

CIO Dave Swartz

AU chief information officer Dave Swartz would like to invite you to review our spring 2011 newsletter. Learn about our exciting recent accomplishments and upcoming initiatives.

>> Read the CIO's Update


Our Featured Stories

Eaglesecure Transforms AU's Wireless Capacity

Have you wished for a faster and more reliable wireless network connection on campus? Eaglesecure is the answer. Learn more about the new and improved wireless network at AU, which can support many more connections and provide significantly faster network speeds than the old network. Get connected today.

>> Learn about the new Eaglesecure Wireless Network

Honor Our Award Winning Staff

The Office of Information Technology recognizes the exceptional efforts and accomplishments, both collaborative and individual, of our staff through our annual internal awards program. Read about the individuals recognized in December for their contributions to our OIT team and the larger AU community.

>> Learn about the Award Winners

Transition to the New MyAU Portal

MyAU Portal Screenshot

Have you tried the new Web portal for the AU community, known as MyAU? Learn about the plan to transition to the new Intranet portal, which will enable collaboration, offer better design and a flexible architecture, and allow targeted messaging and notifications for individuals as well as specific sub groups.

>> Learn about AU's New Intranet Portal


New Datatel User Interface Simplifies Access

Are you one of the more than 800 faculty and staff that utilize the Datatel Colleague system at AU? Have you converted to the new Web user interface (UI) for accessing Colleague? Learn how this interface allows for simple, secure access to the system from anywhere, as long as you connect to AU's virtual private network first.

>> Learn about Web UI 4.1 

New Network Access Control Comes to AU in Summer of 2011

Do you want a simpler "health check" system to grant you access to the AU network? The Office of Information Technology is planning to replace the Cisco NAC, formerly known as Cisco Clean Access, early this summer. Learn about the advantages of this new solution.

>> Learn about the New Network Access Control System


Get Your Messages in One Place

Staff Member Using BlackBerry

Accessing your voice mail messages has never been easier. Learn about the new integrated messaging solution that has already been rolled out to the majority of faculty and staff allowing them to send, receive, store, and listen to their voice mail messages on their computer or SmartPhone. The final Main Campus telephone extensions will be converted by early April, completing this rollout.

>> Learn about Integrated Messaging


Utilize the Comprehensive Patch Tool to Protect Your Workstation

Are you sure that every software application that you have installed on your AU workstation is patched against known vulnerabilities? Learn about the benefits of periodically using the Comprehensive Patch Tool to protect your workstation from security exploits.

>> Learn about the Comprehensive Patch Tool


Configure Your Handheld Mobile Device for Lotus Traveler

Would you like to access your AU e-mail, calendar, and contacts from your SmartPhone or Mobile Device? Learn how you can configure Lotus Traveler to synchronize your AU e-mail, calendar, to-do list, address book, and journal data in real time.

>> Learn about the Benefits of Lotus Traveler

Obtain Your Free Copy of Microsoft Office 2010

Are you a faculty or staff member that uses a Microsoft Windows workstation at home or on campus? If so, you are entitled to download a free copy of Microsoft Office 2010 via the Portal. Learn about how to obtain your copy of the software, explore the new features and training opportunities.

>> Learn about Microsoft Office 2010

Defining the Path to Graduation with Degree Audit

Have you heard about the new Degree Audit Report system available through the MyAU portal? This report allows students and academic advisors to track student progress towards degree completion. Learn about the student-centered improvements offered by this new system.  

>> Learn about the Degree Audit Report

Archive Solution Improves E-mail Performance

Do you file and retain the majority of your e-mail messages that you send and receive? If so, your mail file is likely above the recommended maximum storage size, which can slow down the performance of your e-mail software and cause problems for the server. Learn about the Office of Information Technology's new server-based archiving solution to improve performance while still keeping archived messages accessible.

>> Learn about Server-Based Archiving

Tackling Phishing: Don't Be Lured

Do you know how to recognize a "Phish," an e-mail message crafted to fool you into clicking a link or providing your login credentials? 10% of AU faculty, staff, and students recipients of a recent phish logged into a false site and provided their credentials to cyber criminals. Learn what you can do to protect yourself.

>> Learn to Avoid Being Lured

Bust an IT Myth

Have you ever heard something from a colleague about information technology at American University that made you question whether it was true? Read some of the myths that several faculty, staff, and students shared with us. Become informed and help us "bust" the myths in the future.

>> Learn to Bust the IT Myths

By The Numbers

12 %

percentage increase in the number of support requests received by OIT, as compared to last year


AU staff attended OIT training classes in the past year

99.9 %

percentage of time AU's core services are available for use