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Office of Information Technology Newsletter

OIT Spring 2013 Newsletter Head

Spring 2013

Read the latest news and updates regarding AU's information technology services.

CIO Update

A Message from Dave Swartz

CIO  Swartz

AU chief information officer Dave Swartz would like to invite you to review our spring 2013 newsletter. Learn about our exciting recent accomplishments and upcoming initiatives.

>> Read the CIO's Update


Our Featured Stories

Wireless Changes Simplify Connecting to AU's Network

Student Using AU Wireless

Have you noticed the recent improvements to the AU wireless network infrastructure? The Office of Information Technology made several changes before the start of the Spring semester to reduce confusion and simplify the connection process for members of the AU community. Results have been very promising, as there have been fewer Help Desk support calls and we have seen over 15,000 unique wireless users in the course of a week at the start of the semester.

>> Learn about the Wireless Changes

Meet Our Award Winning Staff

Award Plaque

The Office of Information Technology recognizes the exceptional efforts and accomplishments, both collaborative and individual, of our staff through our annual internal awards program. Read about the individuals recognized in December for their contributions to our OIT team and the larger AU community.

>> Learn about the Award Winners

Document Imaging Delivers Efficiency Gains

Document Imaging Around the Globe

Have you every thought about how much more efficient you could be, if you just had the right tools to help you do your job? A team of staff from the Office of Enrollment dramatically reduced the time that it takes to process admissions documents sent in from prospective students around the world. Learn about the document imaging solution that helped them to reduce several days worth of document processing into just a few hours work.

>> Learn about the Successes of the Document Imaging Projects 

Speeding Up Your Windows Boot Time

CCleaner Logo

Have you ever started up your Windows computer and waited, and waited, and waited for it to fully boot up? Many people accept this fate and just go get a cup of coffee during that time. But, it doesn't have to be that way. Learn what you can do to speed up the amount of time it takes for your computer to fully boot up.

>> Learn How to Speed Up Your Windows Boot Time

Meet the Newest Member of the OIT Senior Leadership Team

Laurie Ambach Portrait

Did you know that the Office of Information Technology is actually made up of four University departments: Enterprise Systems, Information Security, IT Customer Service, and Technology Operations? The senior directors of each department, in conjunction with the CIO and Associate CIO, comprise the OIT Senior Leadership Team, which focuses on strategic planning and overall management of the technology portfolio. Meet our newest member to the team, Laurie Ambach.

>> Learn about the Newest Senior Director

AU Dashboard Recognized as One of Top Enterprise Business Intelligence Designs

OIT Space Utilization Dashboard

Have you heard that AU's new Space Utilization Dashboard was recognized at a national conference for being one of the top dashboard designs worldwide? Learn about how the dashboard will help AU administrators to plan and optimize course sections, and examine the "productivity" of each classroom.

>> Learn about the Award-Winning Space Utilization Dashboard

Virtual Computing Labs Increase in Popularity

A student working on laptop while projecting

Do you need to use specialized software that is only available in the computer labs? If so, you may not need to trek across campus anymore, thanks to the Virtual Computing Labs initiative. Learn about how you can get access to applications, such as: SPSS, STATA, and Microsoft Office.

>> Learn about the Virtual Computing Labs Initiative


Serious Java Vulnerability Threatens AU Computers

Computer Virus

Do you update your software, whenever you see a message in the System Tray in the bottom right corner of your Windows computer screen? If not, you likely have out of date software installed on your computer which could result in your computer becoming infected with malware, simply by visiting a website. Learn what you can do to remediate the latest Java vulnerability.

>> Learn How You Can Protect Yourself

28 New HD Channels Come to Campus

HD Television

Did you know that there were 28 new high definition cable television channels that were added to the campus line-up to benefit the AU community? Check out the list of new channels.

>> Learn about the Cable Television Upgrade

Reserving Campus Spaces via Self-Service

Meeting Room

Have you used the new self-service application to reserve a meeting space? If not, you should try it out. A majority of campus meeting spaces are now available to be scheduled, if you meet certain criteria.

>> Learn about the New Self-Service Space Reservation System

Patch Available to address Java Vulnerability in Lotus Notes

Lotus Notes Logo

Did you know that Java vulnerabilities can also affect your Lotus Notes client software? Protect yourself from exploitation by attackers by upgrading your Lotus Notes software to the latest version and applying a fix pack to address the Java vulnerability.

>> Learn How to Upgrade Your Lotus Notes Client

Streamlining the Undergraduate Admissions Process Using Business Intelligence

Admissions BI Screenshot

Can you image going through and evaluating the thousands of undergraduate admissions applications which are submitted to AU every year? Well, the very dedicated team in the Office of Enrollment has a new tool to help them evaluate each application, as well as get a sense of the applicant pool as a whole.

>> Learn about the Undergraduate Admissions Business Intelligence Application



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