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Office of Information Technology

Copyright Infringement

Peer-to-peer file-sharing programs can be used for legitimate purposes, including sharing copyrighted music and video works. But doing so without permission of the publisher is illegal and violates AU's Information Technology security policies.

AU's network is for everyone in the university community. Students, faculty, and staff depend on it to accomplish their work. AU wants to provide an environment in which users are free to explore the wonders of the Internet. With that freedom, however, comes the obligation to use the network lawfully and responsibly, to not deny others access to resources, and to abide by the rules of network use.

AU respects and honors the rights of copyright owners and their agents and representatives and is committed to implementing procedures and policies to support their rights without infringing on the legal use, by individuals, of those materials. Legal use can include, but is not limited to, ownership, license or permission, and fair use under U.S. copyright law.

Important: If there is evidence that your computer or account is engaged in activities that pose an imminent threat to the university community, OIT may temporarily suspend or disable your privileges while we conduct an investigation and contact the appropriate university officials, as required by American University’s IT policies.