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Cyber Security Awareness

July Issue

Cyber Tip: Password Security

You Shall Not Pass

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Passwords are the first line of defense in protecting you account information. Prevent hackers from cracking your password by making it as strong as possible. Technically, all passwords can get figured out eventually so the goal is to extend that time as long as possible.

Make Strong Passwords

The longer a password is, the longer it takes for a computer to enter every possible letter combination. Make the phrase at least 16 characters for a comfortable amount of security.

Passphrases allow you to use natural language. Making it easier to remember and type. While using 16+ characters gives it the length which is harder for computers to break. For example, IloveourAUEagles! AU Policy doesn't require symbols, they are optional and can be used for fun.

As a failsafe, don't use the same password for all your accounts. If one of your passwords gets stolen, your information is not completely compromised. A password manager is a helpful tool for keeping track of them all.

Don't Share Your Passwords

Remember, AU, and other legitimate businesses, will NEVER ask you for your password.image of locked files