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Office of Information Technology

AU Campus Connect Service

What is AU Campus Connect?

AU Campus Connect is a mobile phone program designed specifically for American University. It was created through a partnership between Sprint, Rave Wireless and American University. AU Campus Connect mobile phone program enables a stronger, safer university community by empowering you to experience everything the campus has to offer, wherever and whenever you need it.

Sprint provides phones, student discounts on customized plans, and an enhanced network on campus. Emergency text message service does not require use of a Sprint phone, only one which is capable of receiving text messages. If you want to sign up to receive emergency text messages on your non-Sprint phone, sign up at

Rave provides mobile phone applications that bring the campus to your phone. A phone application (or "app") is a miniature webpage that can be accessed by a phone's Web browser. Each of the Rave applications referenced below provide useful campus tools to keep you safe, informed, and connected on campus.

  • Rave Alert 
  • Rave Email 
  • Rave Academics 
  • Rave Transit 
  • Rave Guardian 
  • Rave Groups 
  • Rave Polling 
  • Rave Flashcard

With Rave mobile applications, you can send your GPS location to campus police if you feel unsafe; track the campus bus with GPS; stay in touch with friends, clubs and teams; stay on top of your classes and schedule; and receive broadcast text alerts about weather delays and school closings.


Ordering Information

Visit the AU Campus Connect Online Store
View and order Sprint Phones
Visit the Sprint's International Coverage Page


Help Resources

To learn more about the AU Campus Connect Program, visit
For questions contact the American University IT Help Desk at 202-885-2550, e-mail at, or on instant messenger at AskAmericanUHelp.

Access the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) page and click the PROGRAM DETAILS link on the right.


Ordering Information for AU Staff and Faculty

If you plan on ordering a cell phone to be used for work and paid for by American University, then please use the CELLULAR EQUIPMENT/SERVICE PLAN link in the TECHNOLOGY section. These orders will be routed to the IT Communication Services unit for review and processing. If you have any questions call (202) 885-3699 or e-mail

Please remember: If you click on links in the portal to visit the Sprint or Rave website, while still logged in, you should log out once you open the new browser window.