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Listserv Mailing Lists

Listservs are the traditional Internet mailing lists that have been around for years. They run on an LSoft Listserv Management Server available at AU's Listserv lists use the address format of

Listservs offer a wider variety of security and distribution options, as well as the ability to archive content.

  • For large mailing lists, we recommend the traditional Listserv. We do ask, however, that list owners not subscribe anyone without their permission.
  • If you need archives or you want to have a discussion group that allows any member to post to it, request a traditional Listserv.

Owner Information

If you would like to request a Listserv, please send an e-mail to with your name and contact information. 

  • Please include a proposed name for the list, and a brief description. 
  • We recommend that the list name be followed by a -L, such as in the example of AUList-L, so that it will be easily identified as a Listserv.
  • Archives are available upon request.
  • By default, the list will allow anyone to subscribe and any list member will be able to post. You may request that all subscriptions be approved by a moderator, or that a list be configured as an announcement only list.

Once a list is created, it will remain available for as long as it is active with someone acting as the list owner.

  • If a list becomes inactive or appears to be operating without a list owner, the list may be closed. 
  • A list is considered inactive if there are no postings over a six month period.
  • A list will appear to be operating without a list owner, if mail sent to goes unanswered. 

AU makes the Listserv mailing list manager available as a service to members of the university community. 

  • This action should not be seen as an endorsement of the purposes of any list, or of any messages carried on any list.

It is the list owner's responsibility to see that messages carried on the list are:

  • appropriate to the list's topic
  • do not contain copyrighted material
  • are respectful of the various subscribers as well as others
  • abide by AU IT policies

The list owner -- not American University -- accepts responsibility for messages distributed on the list. The list owner has various tools available to control what is distributed to the list subscribers. They can add or remove subscribers, change the list configuration, and approve or edit posts to the list.

List owners should make themselves aware of the List Owner Responsibilities, as well as the information in the Listserv manual.

Anyone currently affiliated with American University may request a Listserv. Please note: lists are no longer hosted for individuals or organizations having no connection with the university.