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Online Undergraduate Certificate

Offered by the Department of Anthropology, College of Arts and Sciences, this online program is designed for individuals seeking theoretical and practical training to better understand and challenge the roots of healthcare inequality and injustice. Students can take the program at their own pace while working full-time.


The online MA in Economics, Applied Economics specialization offers students real-world analysis from today's most relevant scholars, think tanks, and international organizations - online, anytime. In as little as 19 months, students can earn the credentials needed to make pivotal economic decisions locally, nationally or globally. As one of the only MA in Economics offered online, our robust curriculum includes a capstone experience to help prepare you for a career in a variety of settings. Learn more about the MA in Economics.

The innovative, online Master of Arts in International Relations (MAIR) degree from American University's School of International Service is part of the International Relations Online program. The MAIR degree offers students a strong foundation in the field of international relations as well as the chance to gain specialized expertise through concentrations in Global Security, International Development, International Negotiation and Conflict Resolution, and US Foreign Policy and National Security. Learn more at You can also explore the course listing.

The graduate program in Special Education: Learning Disabilities at American University is grounded in the philosophy that all individuals can access, participate, and progress in education. Faculty and students examine models that support and encourage developmental and learning needs of students with a variety of learning challenges. The program prepares education professionals to design and implement creative learning environments for students through training in diagnostic-prescriptive approaches, and use of evidence-based practice and practice-based evidence. Our online MA in Special Education: Learning Disabilities meets the needs of working professionals and distance learners to advance their expertise in a completely online environment.

Yes, we teach professional skills at AU School of Communication. But even more important is that we teach our students how to think. We teach them to think strategically. We teach how to target an audience, how to create a compelling message, how to write persuasively, how to advocate in a changing world of new media and cutting edge technology. Learn more about the MA in Strategic Communication.

Undertaking graduate study in teacher education allows for students to examine the significant role of teachers in the shaping of individuals, communities, and society as a whole. The teacher education faculty are committed to advancing the potential of education for each individual and dedicated to advancing a theorized practice that prepares professionals to care for the whole child. The faculty members engage in creative and innovative teaching, rigorous research, and professional service with a goal to engage our students in the important work of teaching the next generation. Democracy itself is grounded in an educated citizenry, and teachers have the huge responsibility to ensure that all children have the opportunity to receive a quality education. Graduates of our MAT programs are equipped to accommodate learner needs, to nurture the strengths and talents of those they serve, and to provide leadership in classrooms, schools and in the policy arena. Our online Master of Arts in Teaching program meets the needs of working professionals and distance learners to advance their expertise.

The Kogod School of Business Online MBA degree offers students full access to our community and resources, while allowing them to take classes anywhere in the world. Our curriculum is designed to prepare graduates for a career in any area of business by building a strong foundation across multiple disciplines. Learn more at

The Master of Education (MEd) in Education Policy and Leadership provides teachers and other professionals with the knowledge and skills to transform schools and school systems. The Policy Studies track prepares teachers and other professional to serve as leaders in organizations - including federal and state education agencies, school districts, and nonprofits - that implement education policies and programs. In addition to leadership, policy, legal, economic, and research skills, the track emphasizes the data analysis and performance management skills needed to administer education programs and policies. Our online MEd in education policy and leadership meets the needs of working professionals and distance learners to advance their expertise and provides access to many Education Policy resources in the Washington, DC area.

The Master of International Service (MIS) is an accelerated executive degree track designed for professionals with nine or more years of experience in the field of international affairs or international service. This executive program helps students broaden their knowledge, enhance their intellectual development, expand their professional effectiveness, and strengthen their international leadership skills and knowledge. As part of the International Relations Online program from American University's School of International Service, the online MIS degree features live, interactive virtual classes, self-paced multimedia coursework, and a required in-person Immersion in Washington, DC. Learn more at

The Washington College of Law offers an online Master of Legal Studies program designed for professionals who interact with the law but are not practicing lawyers. Students in the program will gain a solid foundation of knowledge in the U.S. legal system — including legal concepts and procedures — allowing them to effectively solve legal questions and challenges. Learn more here.

Our Master of Public Administration and Policy degree arms you with the skills and knowledge needed to master the interdependency between public administration, policy and the critical role both play in modern governance. The online MPAP program will help you gain the ability to seamlessly and successfully navigate government's numerous stakeholders. Learn more about the MPAP program.

The Kogod School of Business Online MS Analytics degree program offers students flexibility while providing a solid foundation in data analysis and business practices. The interdisciplinary approach produces well-rounded graduates ready to meet challenges with data driven decision making. 

This online master's program focuses on counter-terrorism in national security, law and policy, cybersecurity, and political violence theory. Students will learn to strategically develop policy-based security solutions for all levels of government. This program is unique in comparison to other online master’s in homeland security or online master’s in counter-terrorism programs as it focuses on both national and international law enforcement, allowing for an interdisciplinary approach to address issues in law and criminology, and adapt emerging trends. Request Information.

The online Master of Science in Healthcare Management gives students the advanced knowledge and training in healthcare administration and operations. This program connects analytical and leadership skills, preparing graduates to meet the challenges of the complex and rapidly evolving healthcare industry. Graduates will be ready to pursue careers in traditional and nontraditional health settings and industries. To further ensure the curriculum is current and relevant, a council of professionals on the cutting edge of the healthcare sciences provided advice on competencies, standards and industry trends to ensure that the curriculum is relevant and applicable to the workplace.

The Health Promotion Management (MS) is a competency-based, multidisciplinary academic program for individuals dedicated to assuming leadership positions within the health promotion industry. The curriculum integrates managerial skills with scientific and clinical knowledge of exercise physiology, behavioral psychology, and nutrition.

The online Master of Science in Human Resource Analytics and Management will equip graduates with the skills needed to take an analytical approach to increasing organizational effectiveness using human resource information technologies. A council of professionals in the field of human resources advised on competencies, standards and industry trends to ensure that the curriculum is relevant and applicable to the workplace.

In today’s hyperconnected and rapidly changing world, business strategy regularly goes beyond borders, and professionals with the right set of skills are capable of achieving global influence. American University’s online Master of Science in International Relations and Business program is preparing the next generation of leaders to navigate complex international business environments across borders and cultures in private, public, and nonprofit sectors. The MS in International Relations and Business is a joint degree developed by AU’s Kogod School of Business and the top-ranked School of International Service. Through this collaboration, students develop an advanced understanding of the intersection of business, foreign policy, and international affairs.

The online Master of Science in Marketing Analytics program from the Kogod School of Business at American University, prepares students to apply digital marketing and analytic skills to make data-driven decisions. Students will study topics such as brand strategy, integrated marketing, and marketing analytics to further their expertise in marketing and data analysis.

Students in the online MS in Measurement and Evaluation program will gain a universal framework for collecting, analyzing and using data to determine project effectiveness and efficiency. They will graduate with the leadership and practical assessment skills needed to evaluate projects in the corporate, nonprofit and governmental spheres. The online program is taught by professionals with over 20 years of experience who remain active in the field and an advisory council comprised of leading practitioners in planning and evaluation has provided input on competencies, standards and industry trends.

The online MS in Nutrition Education gives students the advanced knowledge and skills to help positively affect the lives of others through nutritional awareness, community programs and ongoing education. Graduates obtain advanced credentials to help secure a position in a variety of settings, including health care and education. This program affords the opportunity to apply for certification as a Certified Nutrition Specialist with additional science coursework and field experience. Learn more about the MS in Nutrition Education.

The Master of Sports Analytics & Management prepares students with the analytical skills to measure the impact that technology is having in sports. Graduates will be equipped with skills and industry expertise to pursue roles in new and emerging areas of sports including performance data analytics, interactive spectatorship, mobile technology, fantasy sports, e-sports gaming and virtual reality. To further ensure the curriculum is current and relevant, a council of sports industry professionals provided advice on the field-specific knowledge and skillsets that graduates of current sports management programs are lacking, leading to this program's focus on sports analytics and the strategic management of sports enterprises that are evolving in response to technology and innovation.

Online Graduate Certificate

Increase your skills to manage and evaluate the new challenges and opportunities in a complex healthcare field with an Online Graduate Certificate in Healthcare Management. In as little as 6-8 months, gain critical industry knowledge through four courses focused on the evaluation of healthcare delivery methods, processes, and technology innovation.

Drive wellness programs, create benefit portals, and engage employees at a higher rate with new skills in emergent HR technologies and analytics. The Online Graduate Certificate in Human Resource Analytics and Management prepares you to answer the critical question today's HR professionals face - how to increase organizational effectiveness using the latest HR technologies. This 6-8 month program includes courses focused on human resource information systems, evaluating hiring and employee performance metrics, emerging trends in HR, and risk reduction strategies.

Now more than ever, organizations seek more accountability for the funds they provide to development projects. Expand your monitoring and evaluation skillset quickly with an online Graduate Certificate in Project Management & Evaluation. In 6-8 months, gain critical knowledge through four courses focused on principles of evaluation, qualitative and quantitative research methods, and evaluation approaches & designs.

Use analytics and new technologies to evaluate next generation opportunities in sports with an Online Graduate Certificate in Sports Analytics and Management. In 6-8 months, gain critical knowledge through four courses focused on the strategic management of sports organizations, sports analytics and evaluation, and digital technology influencing the sports industry.