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Registration and Costs

Note For specific policies and cost information applicable to students enrolled in online degrees and certificates, please visit the individual program websites.

All Students

All Online Learning students must complete the online Student Evaluation of Teaching (SET) before final grades are posted on their records.

Academic and Financial Dates and Deadlines

Registration date information may be found on the Registrar's Registration Dates page.

Getting Registered for Online Courses

Continuing AU Degree & Non-Degree Students

Current AU students should follow their normal registration procedures to register for an Online Learning course. Current AU students should schedule an appointment with their adviser to see which courses fit into their program requirements.

First Time Non-Degree and Visiting Students

Non-Degree Students who may be interested in Online Courses, as well as regular campus courses, should go to the Registration for First Time Non-Degree and Visiting Students page for information about registering.

Refund Rules

Refund rules for Fall and Spring semesters can be found on the Course Drops and Withdrawals page. Refund rules for Summer can be found in the Summer Sessions Dates page. Students who are enrolled in the university's online degree programs should refer to their specific program academic calendar to determine the applicable tuition refund schedule. 

Employee Tuition Benefits

The university's employee educational benefits program may apply toward Online Learning courses.

Alumni Audit

Online Learning courses are not eligible for the Alumni Audit program.

Employer or Agency Tuition Assistance

A student requesting employer- or agency-billing arrangements must furnish Student Accounts with a valid contract or purchase order before the first day of classes. A contract or purchase order must contain the following information: (1) student name and ID number, (2) term of attendance, (3) specific costs (and dollar amounts) to be paid by the sponsor (tuition, books, supplies, fees), (4) sponsor's billing address, and (5) contract or purchase order number or accounting appropriation, if applicable. Documentation submitted in lieu of a valid purchase order will not relieve a student of financial responsibility.

In case of partial assistance, the student is required to pay the balance of his or her tuition costs at the time of registration to be considered registered. A student portion that qualifies for one of the university payment plans is to be paid according to that plan. Failure to comply will result in the assessment of a 1 percent per month finance charge.

A student entitled to Campus Store credit may obtain a book charge form from Student Accounts. Purchases are permitted through the end of the add/drop period. Failure to submit vouchers in a timely manner may result in the assessment of late fees.

A student is responsible for payment of any billed amounts that have been disallowed by his or her sponsor.