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Safety and Security Resources 2018 Campus Notification

Thursday, March 1, 2018

Over the last five years, we have collaborated across divisions to improve safety, risk management and law enforcement services at American University. Through this process, our departments have gained additional staff, a new facility and increased budgetary resources amid a mission that has grown in scope and complexity.

Our departments now share one joint mission:

Identify and mitigate operational risks and provide a safe environment for students, faculty, staff, alumni, visitors and the communities where we work, learn and live.

To reflect that joint mission, our combined entity will be referred to as the University Safety & Security Services (USSS). University Police & Emergency Management (AUPD), formerly known as "Public Safety," is led by Assistant Vice President Phil Morse. Risk, Safety & Transportation Programs, formerly known as "Risk Management and Environmental Health & Safety," is led by Assistant Vice President Dan Nichols. To reflects its role in transportation demand management, "Parking & Traffic Services" is now referred to as Parking & Commuter Services.

To ensure an atmosphere that fosters and promotes the University's educational mission, AU is committed to keeping our community safe and secure from all possible threats and criminal activity.

The following pages, will provide you with a quick listing of programs, policies, and procedures that cover numerous safety and security issues affecting our community. For ease of reference, we have broken them down by topic: Communicate, Learn, Prevent, and Respond. While AU has committed significant resources to ensure your safety and security, our biggest asset remains that same, and that is you. The safety of our community depends on the awareness, cooperation and commitment of everyone on campus.

Please take a few minutes to review the information and open the attached links to learn more about each topic.

AU Alerts

AU Alerts provides you with warnings and instructions during critical incidents such as natural disasters, fires, gas leaks and active shooter incidents. Alerts are delivered via text message, email, social media, indoor AlertUs beacons, AlertUs computer software and outdoor speakers. AU students, faculty and staff are automatically subscribed to AU Alerts.

To verify your subscription, update and manage your AU Alerts contact information, log-in with your AU credentials at or go to the AU Emergency Preparedness website at:

Rave Guardian App

Rave Guardian transforms your mobile phone into your personal safety device. It gives you a mobile panic button that sends your location and identifying information to University Police. A safety timer notifies your selected guardians and University Police when it is not deactivated. Anonymous crime tips or photographs can be sent to University Police via the app. Your custom profile notifies University Police of your emergency contacts, vehicles, pets and medical information.

Download the iPhone version here or Android version here and log-in with your AU credentials.

Anonymous Tips

Report suspicious activity to University Police here.

Blue Light Emergency Telephones

Located across campus, blue light emergency telephones call University Police when activated.

Self-Defense Training

Free gender neutral self-defense training courses are offered each semester by trained University Police instructors.Additional information and registration can be found here.

Active Shooter Preparedness

To be prepared for an active shooter incident on campus, remember "Run, Hide, Fight" as your three options. You can review training videos from the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, Ready Houston and the Federal Emergency Management Agency here.

Campus Emergency Plans

AU Emergency Preparedness has developed plans and procedures for critical incidents such as tornados, earthquakes, criminal incidents. Review those plans at:

Crime Prevention Presentations

Customized crime prevention presentations are available to student, staff and faculty groups, organizations and offices. E-mail to set-up a presentation.

Information: Daily Crime Log and Annual Security Report

All information about campus safety is posted online and available at the American University Police Department. Recent crime alerts and the daily crime log provide information about recent incidents on and near campus. The Annual Security Report provides crime statistics and information on campus safety services. You can view daily crime log here.

Physical Security

Access control, alarm monitoring and video surveillance provide additional security on campus through 24/7 monitoring. The physical system systems on campus have been significantly expanded and upgraded in the past several years.

Bicycle Registration

Register your bicycle with Parking & Commuter Services online and receive a free decal for your bike. This will assists in the recovery of your bicycle in the event that it is lost or stolen. Registration also allows us to track how many people on campus are using bikes so we can provide enough racks and resources. Register here.

Safe Ride to Campus

The Safe Ride to Campus program provides students with a taxi ride back to campus, billed to your student account. Call (202) 885-2527 to request the service.

Safety Escorts

University Police Officers provide walking and vehicular escorts to and from campus property for all community members. Call (202) 885-2527 to request an escort.

Police, Medical and Fire Response

University Police provides 24/7 response on all campus properties for police, medical, and fire emergencies. University police officers are commissioned by the Metropolitan Police of the District of Columbia and are fully empowered to enforce the law, investigate criminal acts, and make arrests on campus and at all AU owned and leased properties within the city. In addition, University police may also place student conduct charges for violations both on and off campus. University Police coordinates emergency response with external agencies like the D.C. Fire and Emergency Medical Services Department.


University Police Officers and Investigators investigate all crimes that occur on campus.In cooperation with the U.S. Attorney's Office and D.C. Office of Attorney General, we obtain arrest warrants upon completion of a criminal investigation. Certain crimes require coordination with the Metropolitan Police of the District of Columbia.

Victim Assistance

Victims of any crime are provided care and assistance throughout the criminal justice process. University Police coordinate counseling resources through Campus Life, Counseling Center and the Wellness Center, as well as community resources. We provide information and guidance on obtaining protective orders, including transportation to court.Personalized safety plans and self-defense courses are available to crime victims. Call (202) 885-2527 to request victim assistance services from University Police.

AED - Automatic External Defibrillators

The AU Public Access AED Program provides Automatic External Defibrillators housed in specially marked and strategically located cabinets in key buildings around the campus. Some buildings have multiple AEDs, but at least one is located near the building's main entrance. AEDs can be used by any member of the public to provide emergency assistance to someone suffering from cardiac arrest.