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Collaborating on Inclusive Excellence

Achieving our goals for diversity, equity, and inclusion relies on the entire AU community coming together to move us collectively toward success. To facilitate collaboration on Inclusive Excellence, President Burwell created two leadership positions. The President's Council on Diversity and Inclusion (PCDI) has also been revamped, including a tri-chair leadership structure and a Student Advisory Council. Members of the community can communicate with the council at

Amanda Taylor and Fanta Aw are two of the Inclusive Excellence collaboration leaders.

Drs. Amanda Taylor and Fanta Aw lead the cross-campus collaboration on Inclusive Excellence.

Two positions have been created to support cross-campus efforts around inclusive excellence. In spring 2018, Dr. Fanta Aw added Inclusive Excellence to her responsibilites as Vice President of Campus Life, and Dr. Amanda Taylor joined the team a few months later as Assistant VP for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion. Amanda will work closely with the President's Council on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion on their efforts.

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President's Council on Diversity and Inclusion

Learn more about PDCI and its efforts.

PCDI Co-Chairs

Council Members

PCDI council members include faculty and staff from throughout the university.
One alumna, Kristen Eastlick, also serves on the council.

PCDI Student Advisory Council

  • Eric Brock Jr., 1st Year
  • Gracie Burke, 2nd Year
  • Rafael Cestero, 2nd Year
  • Aaliyah Charania, 1st Year
  • Sarah Duval, 2nd Year
  • Neah Evering, Grad Student
  • Maria Gramajo, 3rd Year
  • Tamir D. Harper, 1st Year
  • Othniel Harris, 4th Year
  • Marco (Yuchen) Ma, 1st Year
  • Leah Marquis, Grad Student
  • Karim Mora, Grad Student
  • Sophie Nowak, 2nd Year
  • Zac Sanders, 4th Year