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Chinho Ko Adjunct Instructor Graduate and Professional Studies

George Mason University
B.S. Applied Information Technology, Information Security

George Mason University
M.S. Applied Information Technology, Cyber Security GPA 4.0

Dynamic, self-starting leader with a proven track record of delivering holistic solutions in cybersecurity. With a keen interest in education, mentorship, and a strong capability to build and maintain trusted relationships with executive leadership, fully dedicated to building effective cybersecurity programs, designing secure infrastructure, and leading teams to solve complex challenges in national security.

• Teach cybersecurity courses below:
-Introduction to Cybersecurity: This course provides you with an understanding of the fundamental principles of cybersecurity
-Microsoft Security: This course provides an in-depth understanding of Microsoft systems and the security concepts that ensure system protection, from the management and operation of a Microsoft domain environment (including the Windows Server 2012 OS) to the differences between newer OS versions, such as Windows Server 2016 and 2019.
-Computer Networking: This course provides an in-depth understanding of fundamental networking concepts essential for cybersecurity professionals, such as those surrounding protocols, topologies, and network devices.
-Cloud Security: The concepts taught in this course, such as the growing use of cloud platforms and how environments are managed and secured in the cloud, provide an essential understanding that paves the way for the practices and labs in the advanced courses that follow.
-Computer Infrastructure & Technology: This course provides you with the knowledge and practical training you need to design and maintain secure infrastructures and technologies. Security countermeasures such as SIEM, SOAR, endpoint security, and more provide an essential understanding of how to effectively protect organization.
-Offensive Security - Ethical Hacking: To train students to discover and exploit system vulnerabilities, penetrate organizational infrastructures, hack into web interfaces, and execute and defend against a variety of cyberattacks, this course provides you with knowledge, tools, and an understanding of a hacker's perspective.
-DFIR & Threat Hunting: as an introduction to DFIR, provides a foundational understanding of the dynamics of working on a SOC team and how to handle cyberattacks in real time.
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