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Oswald Jansen Adjunct Professor WCL,Washington College of Law

LL.M University of Nijmegen

PhD University of Amsterdam

Oswald Jansen is adjunct professor and fellow of the Program on Law and Government at the American University Washington College of Law, and guest senior lecturer Comparative and Global Administrative Law at Tilburg University.
Previously, he was Professor of European Administrative Law and Public Administration at Maastricht University and senior-lecturer Administrative Law at Utrecht University.
His practice at Resolución focuses on (European) administrative law, regulation and law enforcement.

He has (co-)edited books such as Administrative Sanctions in the European Union ((Antwerp, Intersentia 2013), The European Composite Administration (Antwerp, Intersentia 2011), Defence Rights During Administrative Investigations against EU Fraud in England & Wales, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Romania, Sweden and Switzerland (Antwerp, Intersentia 2007), Multilevel Governance in Enforcement and Adjudication (Antwerp: Intersentia 2006), Competition Law Sanctioning in the European Union (Kluwer Law International 2004). His inaugural speech as a professor in Maastricht was entitled “Administrative Law and its Territory”. He defended his PhD at Amsterdam University in 1999.

Oswald Jansen has published several contributions on subjects such as (Global or) International Administrative Law (in Dutch and English), Comparative Administrative Law (in Dutch, English and French), Comparative Public Administration (in Dutch, English and French), and Defense Rights (in English), Administrative Sanctions and Law Enforcement (in Dutch, English, Spanish and Italian) and mutual assistance in administrative matters in the European Union (in Dutch, English and French).
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