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Whiting Wicker Adjunct Professorial Lecturer Mathematics & Statistics

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CAS - Math and Statistics
Ph.D., Mathematics Education, AU; M.Phil. (A.B.D.), Mathematics, GWU

Wick is anti-racist, culturally sensitive and pro-student. He knows there are no "bad" students: each has something to offer. Wick helped thousands succeed at AU, GWU, Montgomery College, Valencia College and OPM. His foci are General Topology, performance measurement, risk analysis and computer simulation. Wick advised Admirals, Generals and Executives when he was a Federal Operations Research Analyst. He also served as Associate Director for the former OPM Office of Training's Quantitative Techniques Curriculum. Wick is ready to assist you. His hobbies are the researching the history and artifacts of the former British colonies in Central and East Africa, and of their ensuing independent Nations.
For the Media
To request an interview for a news story, call AU Communications at 202-885-5950 or submit a request.


Spring 2020

  • MATH-160 Applied Precalculus

  • STAT-160 Statistical Reasoning

  • STAT-160 Statistical Reasoning

Summer 2020

  • MATH-151 Finite Mathematics

  • STAT-204 Intro to Business Statistics

Fall 2020

  • STAT-202 Basic Statistics

  • STAT-202 Basic Statistics